How can employees contribute in the time of crisis?

The year 2020 has been historic with a global pandemic that has shaken up the world economy and lives at large. Circumstances have forced us to manage work from the limits of our homes. Besides, the stress and fear caused to employees by the pandemic cannot be discounted for. In such situations, companies have realised the value of  prioritizing the mental well-being of their staff  along with the need for economic stabilization of their organization. With such strategy realignment tasks looming over, it could seem natural for CSR activities to take a back seat.

But what if we told you that it is in these times of uncertainty that the CSR programmes of your company hold true meaning? Companies that have a strong culture of giving back to society have proven to retain their customers’ loyalty in the long-run. Fundamentally, it is the CSR activities that bring the company to a human level, making it more relatable and likeable. The imbalance caused by the loss of jobs, income, and stability may not be restored – but recovery can definitely be accelerated with a little aid from corporates and its employees.

There are several ways for corporates to encourage employees to engage in CSR activities in a work-from-home scenario. One that is getting wildly popular for its convenience and ease of adoption is Virtual Volunteering. Not only does it add value to the company’s CSR initiatives and stakeholders, but also benefits the staff in many ways. For example,

Philanthropy can improve your employee’s mental health

Well, you aren’t imagining stuff. The mental aspect of kindness does actually produce feelings of immense pleasure. To put it scientifically, acts of kindness release dopamine, a feel-good chemical in the brain that induces euphoria. This feeling is known as ‘Helper’s high’. Altruism is in fact, known to neutralise the effects of anxiety and stress in individuals.

Virtual volunteering will increase the overall happiness quotient of your employees!

Virtual volunteering lets you extend meaningful help from the comforts of your home

Oh the magic of the internet. What would we do without it in times like these?

With virtual volunteering , employees need nothing but a laptop/smartphone and internet connectivity to do good from their own home-office. That’s it.

Virtual volunteering can grow your employee’s professional skill set

A study conducted by Deloitte showed that 92% of employees showed better leadership qualities after volunteering. Now who doesn’t want leaders as employees?

Providing virtual volunteering opportunities to employees can help them develop meaningful skills that can benefit the company in the long run. The skill sets that can be utilized in doing good, live on a broad spectrum. They could be specific (tech, design, coding, excellent knowledge in a particular area) or generic (copywriting, translation, simply giving time and communicating).

Virtual volunteering encourages team building among employees

Volunteering, physically or virtually helps develop a sense of empathy and patience in individuals. A study by University of Georgia shows that employees become more receptive and helpful towards their colleagues with consistent volunteer work. You can now look forward to stronger, close-knit teams!

VTO or Volunteer time off is an appreciated employee benefit

About a quarter of companies offer paid time off to their employees for doing volunteer work. Unlike the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s or even the early 2000’s, employees are very mindful about the kind of work atmosphere they step into. They actively seek companies that have a culture of giving back and doing good. Today, millennials, the predominant part of the global workforce, are quite sensitive to social and political issues.

VTO is considered a perk because it gives employees a sense of purpose and belonging and they choose to stay with the company with loyalty.

Now, for the important question – How can you set up virtual volunteering for your employees?

With platforms such as Goodera, virtual volunteering activities for employees are effortless to set up.

Goodera’s virtual volunteering platform, Karmahub holds the world’s largest repository of remote volunteering programs. These experiences are vetted with a stringent due diligence process to ensure a safe and powerful employee experience while offering an array of choices so that you can pick the ones that align with your company’s values. Not just that, our network is spread in over 90 countries so that your kindness is not limited by geographical boundaries.

Our team takes charge of everything, from curation of activities to measurement of impact.

The team hand-picks virtual volunteering activities based on your company’s goals and agenda. We also reach out to your employees to help them get onboarded easily. The volunteer meet-ups are designed to streamline the volunteer journey. Features like online icebreakers, orientation and query resolution make sure that volunteers have a meaningful experience. Given the flexibility and convenience, this enables an interaction that is capable of filling gaps that an in-person volunteering scenario might lack. Eventually, we share measurable indicators on every session, including volunteer hours clocked in by each individual, and the impact that they created in someone’s life.

In times of a pandemic like this, in-person volunteering is no-doubt risky. But that must not stop anyone from contributing. Virtual volunteering is a relatively new concept but with the right resources and implementation it can be convenient for companies to continue doing good, especially when the world needs it the most!

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