The Changing Face of CSR in the Post-COVID Era

The Changing Face of CSR in the Post-COVID Era

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our perception of the world in unexpected ways. It forcibly nudged everyone into reinventing the way they live and work. Slowly but surely, the world is planting its feet again, treating lockdowns and social distancing with an air of somber acceptance.

For many, the perceived changes are in their lifestyle – working from home, attending online classes, etc. But for many unfortunate others, the reality is rather grim. The millions of people who were rendered homeless as a direct consequence of these changes were the hardest hit. A huge part of economic activity has come to an abrupt halt, leaving the poor without a way to make a living. To say that they require active support from society would be an understatement.

Hearteningly, governments, corporates, and non-profits across the globe have sprung into action, rethinking the way they can alleviate some of this damage through social responsibility initiatives. COVID served as a wake-up call to organizations who started to actively look at how they gave back to society without violating social distancing norms.

A direct consequence of the perceived “new normal”, is the changing face of CSR, volunteering, and sustainability. Companies have taken a lot of these challenges with respect to COVID19 in stride, creating numerous opportunities to further sustainability practices. Here are a few examples:

Ensuring diversity and inclusion: The pandemic has been an eye-opener in terms of how we can do business just as well, remotely. Organizations have turned this into an opportunity to attract a more diverse workforce. Especially enabling women (who are more prone to take a career break to juggle responsibilities at home) and the physically challenged (for whom commuting to the workplace has always been a challenge).

Improving the carbon footprint: With companies accommodating work from home culture, the workforce no longer has to commute to their workplace, resulting in a considerable reduction in traffic. This has significantly helped reduce carbon emissions. Changes like these could enable us to reduce the demand for fossil fuels and switch to cleaner and greener alternatives.

Better employee engagement: Lack of separation between work and home and the extra stress that comes from working remotely contribute to employee burnout. To beat this, organizations have proactively taken measures to engage their employees through virtual volunteering. When balanced well, remote work leaves the employee with ample time to spare for volunteering activities that they could engage in, online.


Let’s face it. CSR will never be the same again

Organizations are now turning to innovative ways in which they can maximize their CSR impact in a socially distant world. The world is engaging in dialogues on employing technology to enable impeccable CSR, volunteering, and sustainability initiatives. The focus is on adopting technology platforms that facilitate:

  • Clear and consistent communication to ensure stakeholder alignment across the engagement lifecycle (ranging from non-profits to employees),
  • Use of AI and analytics to make data-driven decisions and gain meaningful insights out of every volunteering activity,
  • Tracking of budgets and finance in real-time, helping maintain an audit trail for compliance needs, and
  • Transparency across the volunteering lifecycle.

You may ask, is there really a single technology platform that enables all these variables? We say, yes.

At Goodera, we strive to make this process as smooth and seamless as it can be. We offer a software platform that provides employees with engaging and impactful volunteering experiences, helps track and measure social impact, and reports the ESG performance.

On one hand, it helps organizations understand the last mile impact at the individual beneficiary level through IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) enabled feedback and testimonials. On the other hand, our platform enables non-profits to gather high-quality primary data from the ground in real-time, based on measurable KPIs through our web and mobile-based applications

You get to make data-driven decisions and engage better with your non-profit stakeholders, understand the health and progress of your CSR programs, obtain insights for every stakeholder through dynamic dashboards, and generate reports as per Section 135 of the Companies Act 2013.

Interested to learn how this works? Get in touch with us today.

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