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Over a billion people around the world are hesitant about getting vaccinated – but they can be persuaded. Choose from 9 virtual volunteering opportunities to help your employees spread awareness around vaccination.

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You might be curious as to how virtual volunteering can actually help fight vaccine hesitancy. Choose from a list of free virtual volunteering events to understand why purpose-driven employees, companies, and nonprofits love virtual volunteering.

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An estimated 52% of American adults are now fully vaccinated against COVID-19. But, 31% remain reluctant to join the vaccinated majority, due to lack of verified information, and susceptibility to misinformation.

At Goodera, we believe in the potential of corporates to drive change and create impact. Let’s together rally your workforce in helping nonprofits encourage vaccination through impactful virtual volunteering opportunities.

Fight the pandemic of misinformation through virtual volunteering

Enable your employees to volunteer their time towards helping impactful nonprofits accelerate vaccination across the U.S

COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy: Causes and consequences

Tackling the most important question in the U.S. right now: why are people not getting vaccinated?

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