Crypto Philanthropy 101

What Your Nonprofit Needs to Know About Cryptocurrency

March 8th, 2022 (Tuesday)

12 PM - 1 PM (EST)

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What we’ll cover


Why should nonprofits care about crypto? / What is the state of crypto in 2022?


What is cryptocurrency?


Which nonprofits can benefit from cryptocurrency?


What are the risks and considerations of accepting crypto?


How can your nonprofit receive crypto support easily?

About the webinar

Today, there is more money invested in Bitcoin than in Visa and Mastercard combined. With tens of millions of crypto donors poised to give this year, do you know how to reach the fastest-growing donor demographic?

During this 60-minute webinar, you’ll learn all about cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) and the future of philanthropy. In this time, we’ll discuss donor profiles, break down how to accept crypto donations, and share proven fundraising methods used by hundreds of organizations.

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About the speaker

Tina Roh is the COO and a co-founder of Every.org, a nonprofit for nonprofits building an accessible giving infrastructure to help every person and organization use technology for good. She holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University. Before switching over to nonprofit operations, she worked as a software engineer building scalable technology on a blockchain project and at Snapchat.

Tina Roh

Co-founder & COO, Every.org

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Crypto donors are young, tech-savvy, and their average donation is $11,000, 100 times higher than the industry average of $108. But unless your nonprofit has a reliable way to accept cryptocurrency donations, your organization is off the menu. Join the session on Crypto philanthropy with Tina Roh, for a deep dive into the best practices of crypto-giving.

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