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Indus Action is working towards helping disadvantaged families gain sustainable access to legislated rights. They launched Project “Eklavya”, to support the effective implementation of the Right to Education Act, 2005.
CISCO-India has been supporting Indus Action’s work for last 2 years in the states of UP, Gujarat & Maharashtra , from on the ground campaigns to MIS Consultancy for the government in order to effectively implement this policy that admits children from economically and socially disadvantaged backgrounds in schools of their choice every year. This helps the state government to manage the process of admissions and fees reimbursements more efficiently with greater transparency.

The current program is active in 3 states

Admissions (YTD)
Student Retention (measured for 3 years)
School Applications in FY20

The Problem

India’s Right to Education Act grants free access to high-quality private schools for economically, socially disadvantaged children. Minimum of 25% seats in entry-level classes are to be reserved for children from economically weaker sections and disadvantaged groups in Private unaided schools.
However, national seat fill-rate is still as low as 15 percent leaving 1.5 million children disenfranchised year on year.
  • 1. The national seat fill rate (percentage of enrolments out of the total estimated seats designated for RTE 12(1)(c) admissions) from 2014-16 was as low as 23%.
  • 2. The top 10 states account for 74% of the available seats in the country.
  • 3. Only 15% of the unaided private schools listed on U-DISE (Unified District Information on School Education) participate in this policy.

We track multiple deliverables of the project via the Goodera Dashboard. The platform allows us to systematically review tasks, milestones and corresponding spends during our grant review conversations with the implementation partners

Rohini Kamath- Program Manager

Corporate Social Responsibility at Cisco

The Framework

Indus Action works at three levels:
1. Students & Families: Identifies eligible at-risk families, makes them aware of their rights to access high-quality unaided schools, and supports their children’s application, enrolment and retention
This year Indus Action has reached out to 191, 232 families through their missed call helpline across the country.
2. Community members: Trains & enables women community leaders to run community level campaigns throughout the year. It also incubates state-level community entrepreneurs for three years via training, grants, technology support, government partnerships and leadership coaching.
Community level campaigns running in 19 states
3. State governments: Designs and implements transparent technology systems & platforms for seat registrations, parent applications, lottery matching, reimbursements and student tracking.
Existing partnership with 11 state governments

How Goodera platform helps CISCO track performance of their CSR projects

We have deployed our Goodera Enterprise platform, to create a comprehensive data collection & tracking system for effective monitoring of CISCO’s CSR projects.

Key platform features

Collect real time on-ground data: Identifies eligible at-risk families, makes them aware of their rights to access high-quality unaided schools, and supports their children’s application, enrolment and retention
Logical Validations: Ensures quality data captured on the platform through automatic validations & approvals from CISCO Project Managers
Intuitive Project Dashboards:
Enables Project Managers to track project progress as per the agreed milestones
Document Hub: Repository for all CISCO’s Project related documents such as agreement with the government bodies, on ground assessment reports and all financial related documents as payment invoices & fund utilization certificates for quick access.
Provides overview of project financials & helps generate CSR compliance reports from the dashboard
Multiple Stakeholder Dashboards: Provides dashboard access to multiple CISCO stakeholders:
Implementation Partners
Project Managers
CSR Committee members

Key insights:

The total number of students admitted/studying under RTE 12(1)(c) has crossed the 4 million mark in 2018-19

Automate Your CSR Lifecycle on A Centralized Platform like Cisco.

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