Empowering Girls through Education

Empowering Girls through Education


Padmashree Mrs. Lila Poonawalla founded Lila Poonawalla Foundation (LPF) in 1996 with a vision to empower academically outstanding and financially deserving girls through scholarships to pursue their education. Girls are granted scholarships for pursuing schooling, graduation, as well as post-graduation on a merit-cum-need basis.
The motto of the Foundation is Leading Indian Ladies Ahead (LILA) after the founder, Mrs. Lila Poonawalla. The girls selected for their scholarship program are called Lila girls.

Impact Numbers

Scholarships Provided
Girls received Scholarships
Corporate Donors

The Problem

Establishing an enabling environment to reduce the Girl Child Dropout rate
India’s female literacy rate is 65.46%, significantly lower than the world average of 79.7%, with around 63.5% of female students quitting school during adolescence. This leads to a lower representation of women in the workforce. Alarmingly enough, women form a mere 31.2% of the entire labour force of India, with more than 50 million Indian women neither studying nor working.
Source: https://women-s.net/womens-education-in-india/

The Solution

Empowering girls through Education & life skills thereby enhancing their employability quotient
Scholarships of up to INR 1 lakh are awarded to Lila girls each year for the entire period of the course.
Over the last 23 years (1996-2019):
  • 1,246 Lila girls have received scholarships for Post-Graduation studies in India
  • 5,307 Lila girls have received scholarships for Under-Graduation programs
  • 1,806 Lila girls have received scholarships in the school program
The foundation conducts sessions for personality development, health awareness, grooming as well as spoken English to ensure their employability & enhance their job readiness. The foundation also assists girls in obtaining internships while studying, as well as for securing jobs in various firms.
60% of Lila girls are placed in formal sector jobs
LPF partnered with Goodera to streamline the tracking of the scholarship process and training program details through real time data entries. Goodera Enterprise has been deployed to create a comprehensive data collection and tracking tool for LPF.
Every year, during the onboarding of a new cohort of Lila scholarship awardees, Goodera trains them to use the platform so they can update their academic progress, give training feedback and log their curricular and extracurricular achievements. Every scholarship awardee is provided with unique login credentials for accessing the platform.
Apart from this, Goodera Enterprise helps LPF accomplish the following:
  • LPF has multiple teams such as training, academics and claims processing. Goodera supports
  • LPF in streamlining the processes followed by these teams through a single workflows
  • We have provided a one stop solution for automating LPF’s crucial processes and offered a repository of all student related information.
Impact communication
  • We have enabled LPF to showcase their work to current and potential donors through Goodera configured dashboards
Digitisation of LPF processes
We have configured frameworks on our platform to track:
  • Academic Details
Ability assessments (Baseline, Midline & Endline assessments) of Lila girls conducted through the platform
  • Training Details
Attendance, pre training & post training feedback for every training conducted
  • Scholarship Claims
Details for all scholarship linked claims and approvals

Data Collection

Collect real-time data from Lila Girls
We enable Lila girls to upload details regarding their academic performance along with pictures in real time through our web and mobile based applications
App works in offline mode
Data is continuously saved to the phone’s local storage, then synced with central servers when internet is available
Quality data
We ensure quality data is captured on the platform through automatic validations & approvals from LPF Project Managers

Data Visualisation

Interactive dashboards have been configured to understand the last-mile impact of the LPF scholarships on the lives of Lila Girls.
Data is displayed in various disaggregation’s viz. year-wise, donor-wise, geography-wise, stream-wise & student-wise.
Donor Level summary
Program insights and updates from the platform can be directly shared in external communication.
View student details & analyse their academic performance
All the student level details, and their academic performance are displayed through interactive charts.
View Training Details
All the training data – training calendar, training updates, training feedback, student attendance are displayed through interactive charts.

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