Goodera efforts against COVID-19 with CSR and employee driven philanthropy

April 15th, Bengaluru, India

Goodera, a Series B funded startup and India’s largest and most trusted platform for CSR and employee volunteering, is leading India Inc’s efforts against the COVID-19 pandemic which has significantly changed the way ‘we live, interact, and do business’.

The rapidly spreading COVID-19 has forced countries to take drastic measures to limit its spread. As leaders in corporate goodness, Goodera has taken up several initiatives to fight the pandemic effectively and efficiently. Global brands now rely on Goodera’s expertise as they join forces with us to fight COVID-19.

With expenditure to fight the spread of the Covid infection being counted as a CSR expense by the Government of India, Goodera has come up with various projects that can be implemented using CSR funds. These include the provision of medical supplies to frontline health workers, funding research into cures and vaccines, financial support to daily wage earners, and more. The company working with large corporations on Covid relief include Amazon, Hexaware, Lenovo, IIFL , Toyota and Kirloskar Motor to name a few.

Ms Madhu Jain, Director, IIFL Foundation,the CSR arm of IIFL group said, “We acted immediately as providing protective gear to frontline medical staff was an emergency need. Also, our 18000+ employees are engaged in their own ways through Goodera.”

Goodera curates a list of real-time requirements for medical institutions, NGOs and state governments which are mapped to organizations looking to channelize CSR funds and are fulfilled by approved, transparent, vetted vendors and NGOs. Goodera’s partnership with FICCI SEDF also helps us maintain a holistic overview of the situation in India while maintaining last-mile connectivity with our extensive network of NGOs. These NGOs include Bhumi, India Cares Foundation, Surabhi foundation, People to People Hope Foundation, Action Aid, and more.

Dipali Sharma ,Director – Organisational effectiveness and CSR , Action Aid said “The partnership with Goodera has enabled us to provide some very timely support to over 2000 migrant and daily wage workers that ActionAid reached out to across six cities. The Goodera team has worked shoulder to shoulder with us to help build the connect with corporates willing to reach out and the immediate needs on the ground across these six locations. This has been a great service to humankind.”

Goodera, a leader in employee volunteering, has enabled its massive network of volunteers to give back to the community even when people are unable to leave their homes. Goodera has helped volunteers support causes with virtual volunteering opportunities. Some of those are creating content

to spread awareness in vernacular languages, assisting NGOs to execute projects, and lend their

management expertise to NGOs looking to scale up their operations.

Goodera has come up with several virtual volunteering and donation opportunities for employee-driven philanthropy. These include supporting various NGOs who are tirelessly working on the frontlines and supporting the daily wage earners whose income has halted due to the lockdown. Goodera is working with corporates to encourage their employees to use the donation opportunities available on Goodera’s platform.

The clients are fighting COVID-19 using Goodera’s technology. For instance, Rapidoand Porter are conducting a donation campaign to financially support its drivers who have lost their daily earnings because of the lockdown.

Speaking about the donation drives, Porter commented, “Porter, India’s largest intracity truck aggregator, is raising funds to support the truck drivers and their families who have lost their daily earnings due to the lockdown. The fundraising platform is powered by Goodera. We are thankful to the Goodera team for such fast execution.”

Goodera has also shared its expertise with the entire community in India by creating a dedicated portal for COVID-19. The company has over 1 million volunteers sign up on the platform and 2.42 lakhs users are actively participating for COVID-19 relief campaigns. Fundraising is increasing actively everyday and the impact is achieved on ground with the support of our partners.

“We are bringing all our learnings to India Inc to respond to the Covid crisis in the most effective way. Our team is working with all stakeholders together for fast action” said Abhishek Humbad, Founder and CEO of Goodera. “We are doing all we can to ensure the safety of our frontline workers, daily wage earners, and underprivileged communities. We support all the requirements of those fighting the pandemic and encourage companies and individuals to contribute to the same. I have complete faith that India Inc. can outlast this pandemic.”

Goodera is confident in the efforts that India has put in to combat this pandemic and will support the entire ecosystem in its endeavours against COVID-19.

About Goodera

Goodera is a technology platform that makes CSR, volunteering and sustainability activity transparent, measurable and engaging. Used globally by corporations and foundations, Goodera simplifies CSR, volunteering, and sustainability by automating processes, managing data and facilitating coordination with nonprofits. With program health reports available at the click of a button, Goodera enables companies to showcase quantified impact to customers, employees, and investors with ease.

Goodera is currently deployed by 200 clients — including Target, Gap, Dell, Amazon and P&G – and engaging 600,000+ employee volunteers to 40,000+ nonprofits across 90+ countries across the globe. Managing over $250 million in CSR capital, the Goodera platform is used to collect and aggregate data from internal and third-party sources. Goodera social and environmental impact reports are used for internal progress tracking and in ESG reporting to investors, analysts and corporate boards.

Goodera is co-headquartered in San Mateo, CA and Bangalore, India and is backed by Omidyar Network, Nexus Venture Partners, and SAIF Partners. For more details, please visit us at

Media Contact:
Manjunath G N

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