Everything You Need to Know About VTO Policies

Today, a VTO Policy is essential for every company to encourage clarity around the time-off program. It serves as a framework for the HR staff to lay upon the foundation of a concrete and scalable volunteering program.
Efficient volunteering time off policy (VTO) can improve morale, engagement, retention and employer brand image. Here is everything you need to know about them.

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  • Benefits of A VTO Policy
  • What the millennial workforce expects from their employers
  • Are other companies offering VTO?
  • Tips to Create A VTO Policy
While doing good for the community, companies have embraced the concept to boost their brand and garner consumer loyalty. Many companies donate for causes across the spectrum. However, companies are taking this one step ahead by introducing volunteering at the workplace and encouraging the employees to take time-off.
Employers are almost expected to allow workers time and resources to drive social change today. But should an employer pay employees while they are not at their desks? CECP recently reported that 66% of companies offered some type of VTO policy in 2018. Why? Volunteering programs have become a great way for companies to show that they allow (even encourage) employees to go out and help the community. Find out how you can do it too.

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