Engage in Virtual Volunteering and help create a better world

Engage in Virtual Volunteering and help create a better world

“Help one another. There’s no time like the present, and no present like the time.” – James Durst

We are living in challenging times. COVID-19 has touched every life in some or the other way. Lockdown measures and social distancing norms to contain the spread of virus restricts free movement. Kids are studying online, work from home is the new normal. There is so much distress around and the world needs more volunteers and helping hands than ever. However, onsite volunteering is not a feasible option in the current situation.

Just like we are adjusting to working from home, we can continue to contribute to society by exploring options to volunteer from home. Virtual volunteering opens up avenues to help re-build the world from the comfort of our homes. Spend as much time as you want to or as little as you can. Involve in long virtual volunteering projects or commit yourself for a short period of time. All you need to have is the determination to help others.

Why virtual volunteering?

Helping others brings an immense amount of satisfaction in our own lives. It heals and nurtures our soul. Besides benefiting those who are at the receiving end, virtual volunteer engagement benefits the contributor in many ways.

  • Involving in virtual volunteering as a part of a team helps develop our social skills and connect with like-minded people. This builds a positive environment around us and expands our social circle.
  • It helps us acquire new skills and practice them in a non-threatening environment.
  • Practice your passion or apply your existing skillset to help those in need. Read a story, record an audiobook, or create complex codes that will improve the efficiency of a non-profit.
  • Build up your resume by interning with an NGO. A stint as a volunteer is impressive when you are applying for a job or looking at career growth.
  • With organizations involving in CSR activities, your contributions can prove valuable. Companies offer lucrative opportunities to attract the best volunteers.
  • Volunteer for a cause close to your heart without leaving your home. You can choose to work for a local cause or work beyond national and international boundaries.
  • There are options for engaging volunteers on social media to improve the reach of volunteering programs and recruit more warriors.

There are many ways in which you can contribute. From reading bedtime stories to specially-abled children to creating complex marketing strategies for survival of a non-profit. From editing Wikipedia to curating content for nonprofits. From digitizing manuscripts to translating for refugees, there are many ways to garner volunteers’ engagement.

Goodera is your pathfinder when it comes to finding ways to volunteer from the comfort of your home. We connect the non-profits with corporates and individuals to ensure sustainable and efficient volunteer engagement. Explore our ‘Karma Hub‘ to find virtual volunteering opportunities!

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