11 Ways Your Employees Can Volunteer This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving volunteering

Most of us feel that we should be giving back more to our community. Unfortunately, recent philanthropy experiments found out that most Americans are only giving about half as much as we intend to.

What is keeping us from it? Wouldn’t it be great if your company can assist the employees with their philanthropy goals this year?

This Thanksgiving, we are helping companies and their employees celebrate the holiday season with corporate philanthropy initiatives. If you also want to do something similar, there are a lot of steps you can take- and a good place to start is by using the occasion to give back to those in need. Here are our top ideas that will help you drive impact while engaging the employees.

Help Someone in Need

1. Volunteer at a Food Bank

According to USDA, more than 41 million Americans face hunger, including nearly 13 million children. Food banks are critical to combat increasing food insecurity in the country.

Help your employees to assist cooking and serving food at such a place near your office.

2. Provide Tuitions to Children

One-on-one or group tutoring is a great way to help children from low-income families recognize and achieve their full potential. Your employees can easily pick subjects and grades along with their preferences. Find out how Goodera can make it happen.

3. Pack Hygiene Kits

How about helping homeless people with better hygiene with Thanksgiving? Your employees can sort and package hygiene items, clothing, and personal products for distribution across the city.

Raise Awareness

4. Join the Domestic Abuse Prevention Outreach

Thousands of victims across the country suffer in silence. Domestic abuse, violence, and assault cause severe emotional and mental trauma. Help your employees reach out to raise awareness on the issues.


5. Match Requests with Books

Studies have shown that education helps to reduce rates of recidivism. Prison libraries play a big part in that. You can help your team members distributes paperback books free of charge to incarcerated people nationwide, focusing on all women and trans/non-binary people.

Prison library volunteer

6. Donate for Child Education

More than 1 in 5 children in the U.S are living in poverty without access to quality education. Your employees can help these children access better schools, books, and other learning aids through cash and item donations.

Quality education US

Spend Time with Animals

7. Care for the Dogs

Dog volunteer opportunities including caring for the dogs at the medical and adoption centers, as well as helping potential adopters find the right match.

Volunteer for the Environment

8. Beach/Lake Cleanup

Thanksgiving week is also a great opportunity to spend a day outdoors with your team. The contribution will also help in keeping the trash away from our water bodies. You can sign up for such corporate volunteering opportunities here.

Community giveback

9. Day at the Farm

Reconnect with our farming roots with a special day at the farm. Learn about organic farming methods and life of a farmer as your team spends the day helping with day to day activities.

Start A Domino

10. Nominate A Colleague

Spreading goodness is simple. Sign yourself up for a cause that you truly believe in and nominate a colleague to help you out. Also ask your colleague to help you find one more volunteer and build a chain.

11. Match Donations

Ask your employees or friends about the causes that matter to them the most and promise to match their donation amounts to motivate them.

Ready to Plan?

We hope that you bring your workforce together for social good using one of the ideas in this list. If you have other ideas or want to understand how Goodera can help, schedule a demo now.
You can also check out our 2019-20 Social Calendar to identify key opportunities along with ideas to give back with your employees.

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