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Making the most of your volunteering program: 5 ways in which virtual volunteering helps your company

5 ways in which virtual volunteering helps your company

Organizing formal, in-person community service programs can be difficult in today’s digital workplace, owing to work-from-home practices for many corporations. However, by establishing a virtual corporate volunteer program, company leaders may still empower their employees while also meeting the social responsibility objectives of their enterprises.

Volunteering over the internet, often known as virtual volunteering or online volunteering, has grown in popularity since the onset of the pandemic. With companies looking to improve their employee engagement opportunities, primarily due to the increase of work-from-home preferences, virtual volunteering acts as the perfect solution to create a sense of bonding, while helping employees do their share of good.

Corporate virtual volunteering enables organizations and their employees to contribute to causes that deal with numerous social and environmental issues. It also doubles up as an enriching employee engagement opportunity to enable volunteering for causes that align with the company’s vision.

With that being said, virtual volunteering programs allow companies to go forth and make a difference, with just a laptop. Here are 5 reasons why your organization must make the shift towards virtual volunteering:

Employer Branding & Recruitment

A corporate virtual volunteering program can help lift the employer’s reputation and competitive hiring position to attract those candidates looking for purpose-driven companies. A stimulating and engaging workspace is likely to attract more applicants.

More than 90% of surveyed companies listed improved employee engagement among the top three benefits of a workplace volunteering program. A Global Trends survey also found that the highest-performing employees are 3x more likely to work with a company that has a stronger sense of purpose.

Placing more emphasis on volunteering, even if it’s virtual, is always a great advertiser for your brand/company, and will showcase the seriousness with which you approach your volunteering programs.

Employer branding on offering a skills-based volunteering program can be an extremely appealing factor for the recruitment of fresh talents on their roadmap to upskilling and reskilling. With virtual volunteering programs, the scope of choice also increases due to the list of activities available.

Positive Social Impact

One cannot miss out on the capacity of volunteering programs that directly and indirectly contribute to a positive impact on society. It increases inclusion, justice, and equity in and around the world. Numerous companies across the globe have so far made positive impacts that resonate with their mission and vision. Up to 52% of companies now prefer virtual volunteering activities over traditional ones, an almost 2.5X jump in the last two years.

It is easier to measure the time and effort put into volunteering with activities managed online with metrics such as volunteering hours and funds allotted. Businesses now find it easy to organize events and generate extensive reports.

Consumer & Employee Engagement

Both customers and employees who can act pro-socially show increased commitment to their organization. Nowadays, customers tend to buy products from companies that contribute to taking care of society and its issues. Studies say, more than 90% of the surveyed companies listed improved employee engagement among the top three benefits of a workplace volunteering program.

Likewise, one can see a more engaged, happier, and effective workforce with higher levels of employee morale when engaging them in volunteering activities.

Corporate virtual volunteering programs are successful when they are formulated with a purpose and are inclusive of every element that promises an equally enriching experience for employees.

It is noteworthy that employees who volunteer at work have a higher engagement, and with virtual volunteering, you can exponentially increase opportunities for them to do so.


An effective volunteering strategy attracts, engages, motivates, and retains a motivated workforce, but you’re a business at the end of the day, and every decision needs to make financial sense.

Modern-day corporations that are able to opt for virtual volunteering can add an extra layer of savings, as entire events are based online. This helps save money that would have hitherto gone towards logistics and real-world event management, and this can be put towards growth hacking.

Virtual/hybrid volunteering events are just as engaging and satisfying to do compared to real-world experiences. With regular updates on how these activities amplify good shared by NPOs, companies can continue to engage and receive positive feedback, thus boosting morale.

Investor Appeal

There’s no questioning around the pressure on and from investors to the companies for developing practices complying with the volunteering programs. We live in a resilient era that portends a world in which corporations put people ahead of profits while prioritizing environmental sustainability.

These activities often have associated costs, just like in-person events, to either the sponsoring company or the nonprofit.

Virtual volunteering can be easily implemented into the office CSR and outreach programs, while also acting as the perfect buffer for employees and engagement. When investors see that companies are devoting more hours towards volunteering, it raises the chances of securing an investment.

In Conclusion

Getting employees involved in virtual volunteering programs can increase their commitment to their job duties. Such programs allow workers to feel that the work they do is contributing to their growth and development, the overall success of the company and generating a charitable cause. This sense of purpose can give increased productivity and higher workplace morale.

As highlighted, virtual volunteering brings with it multiple benefits that can elevate feelings of inclusion, participation, and engagement among your employees. At Goodera, we’d love to help you get started on your journey towards initiating and implementing virtual volunteering at your organization, with a slew of fun virtual activities and events.

If you’re interested, we’d love to organize a free event, or invite you to an open event, so you can ease your way into it, and get started!

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