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Handpicked Virtual Experiences for Leaders

Choose from a collection of handpicked opportunities curated by us from our network of nonprofits.
Record poems by LGBTQ artists for visually impaired kids   May 14
 2 PM PT
Create comic strips on environmental topics for children   May 20
 2 PM PT

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Create comic strips on environmental topics for children

Record poems by LGBTQ artists for visually impaired kids

Record a wish in sign language

Write Letters for the Elderly

Across the globe, scientists and civilians alike are noticing rapidly rising sea levels, disappearing species in the environment. Volunteer to create comic strips to teach children about environmental conservation by unleashing your creativity.

This Pride month, join us to educate visually impaired children by recording poems authored by LGBTQ artists and help them to embrace the larger community. This initiative is to raise awareness and overcome the social stigma for LGBTQ people.

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Break the communication barrier and embrace the inclusive sign language to wish the deaf community supported by the nonprofit Sense International, a safe COVID lockdown. 

Come, learn the accessible sign language and take an important step towards inclusion

Social isolation and loneliness are common fears among senior citizens. Use your creative skills and write letters to them to help them feel loved.

About the nonprofit

Samarthanam Trust for The Disabled is a nonprofit supporting visually impaired children across the globe. They are involved in the production and distribution of books and reading the material in accessible formats for persons who cannot read normal print due to visual, cognitive, or physical disabilities

About the nonprofit

The Wells International Foundation (WIF) believes in the power of education to improve lives. Through their six Strategic Focus Areas (SFAs), they are empowering individuals to envision better lives and provide the tools and resources required to build them.

About the nonprofit

Sense International is a global charity supporting people with deaf-blindness in Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Nepal, Tanzania, Peru, Romania and Uganda. They are one of the world’s leading international organizations working for people with deaf-blindness and their families

About the nonprofit

Second Wind Dreams is an internationally known, nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the perception of aging through the fulfillment of dreams and the offering of educational programs including its flagship  sensitivity training and the Virtual Dementia Tour.

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Virtual volunteering is a relatively new concept that is gaining accelerated traction among responsible corporates. This event helps you experience what it is like for your employees to volunteer virtually and set the right expectations in your organization

Goodera is the global pioneer in virtual volunteering, and we want to make sure it is easy for corporates to understand and implement it across their organization. In this endeavor, we bear the cost of the event to help leaders like you make a more informed decision.

Attendance in our events is usually from senior members of the HR and CSR functions in organizations of all sizes. From startups to Fortune 500, we host VPs, Directors, CXOs, senior managers of organizations

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