20th January | 9 AM to 10 AM PT

Volunteer to create flashcards to highlight the contributions of Martin Luther King Jr.

These flashcards will be used by our partner nonprofit, The Chrysalis Program to inspire, encourage and educate young girls towards ending racial discrimination.

Limited seats available!

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About The Chrysalis Program

The Chrysalis Program seeks to be a safe haven for African girls across the diaspora to find resources, workshops, and community. The nonprofit creates safe spaces for their students by utilizing the resources of volunteers and active parents, building a community of learning, transformation and growth. The Chrysalis Program began first as a book series called, The DARK Brown Girl. Through interactive workshops, mentoring, and counseling, they teach self-confidence, health and nutrition, and practical life skills to minority girls aged 5-18. Chrysalis Program students learn: Leadership, Nutrition, Fitness, Communication Skills, and more.

About Friends of the Children Los Angeles

Here’s why you should volunteer

Do good, with ease

Do a good deed for young children with just an hour of your uninterrupted time.

Experience purposeful engagement

Discover the power of virtual volunteering as a powerful engagement tool for corporate teams.

Learn a new skill

Experiment with your voice as you record exciting stories and open a world of imagination for children.

Have fun

Choose from a list of interesting content to audio record as our emcee engages and guides you.

Event itinerary

  • 9:00 to 9:05

    Opening and context-setting by a Goodera host

    Settle in as our emcee sets the context for the event. Learn more about virtual volunteering and how you are about to make a difference.

  • 9:05 to 9:10

    Icebreakers and introductions

    Get talking! Introduce yourself (preferably with your cameras on) and meet many other professionals like you who share a love for giving back to the community.

  • 9:10 to 9:15

    Brief on the nonprofit and the cause

    Learn more about the nonprofit you’re supporting and the positive impact you will have on the beneficiaries the nonprofit is supporting.

  • 9:15 to 9:20

    Instructions about the volunteering activity

    Get all your questions about the activity answered as our host walks you through every detail you need to keep in mind to complete the activity and make the submission thereafter.

  • 9:20 to 9:55

    Get started on the activity

    This is your time to have fun and get as creative as you can be! The host will be around to answer and help you with any queries you may have. One the activity is done, make sure you make your submission in the assigned portal.

  • 9:55 to 10:00

    Closing remarks and a Team Goodfie

    No volunteering event is complete without a volunteer selfie! Turn your cameras on as we click a team goodfie and crystallize the volunteering experience.

RMCH logo

About the nonprofit

Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC)

RMHC has been serving hospitalized children and their families for 35 years. RMHC Central and Northern Arizona is a welcoming “home-away-from-home” for families with children facing medical challenges, providing an atmosphere of comfort, hope, and courage.

What volunteers have to say Testimonials

Don’t miss out on this experience. You’ll love it. Limited seats available