Rebuilding our communities for the next generation

Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi joined us for a fireside chat with Naren Gupta. They speak on the need of urgent action on making online education accessible for every child, and how corporates can contribute.


Nobel Peace Prize Winner, 2014

Kailash Satyarthi

Nobel peace prize winner, 2014

Founder and MD, Nexus Venture Partners

Naren Gupta

Founder and MD, Nexus Venture Partners

Launching Goodera’s Karma Hub

From Dialogue to Action with Virtual Volunteering

Goodera’s Karma Hub allows teams and organizations to volunteer virtually. With the world’s largest repository of virtual volunteering opportunities, Karma Hub connects corporates with nonprofits across the globe.

The Big Book of Virtual Volunteering

The big book of virtual volunteering guides you on every aspect of virtual volunteering – From curating opportunities to engaging employees and measuring impact.

More sessions from Karma Summit

The two day dialogue inspired us to act for the greater good. With Nobel laureates, award-winning journalists, CXOs, CSR and HR leaders, and nonprofits – Over 3000 participants from across 40 countries became a part of the largest online event on doing good.

Rebuilding our Communities, One Volunteer at a Time

Fireside Chat: Ursula Burns and Arianna Huffington in a conversation with Caroline Hyde on the need and ways to rebuild our communities, and how virtual volunteering can be a pivotal change in the future of doing good.

The Media Panel: Spotlight on Rebuilding our Communities

Panel discussion: Media can be a powerful agent of change. It can bring spotlight on the right issue, and motivate the efforts to do good. Our speakers talk about the role of media in rebuilding our communities.


Corporate Citizenship

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