• 14th March 2022
  • 11 AM to 12 PM EST


“No outcome of the war is more valuable than the lives that are at stake.”

The recent debacle in Ukraine has unfolded a humanitarian crisis in the country.

The time calls for unity and solidarity as we stand with Ukraine. This war-torn situation reaches for a strong fraternity prepared to offer unbending support through prayers and drivable action.

Goodera aims to help the non-profits working on the ground to support people affected by the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.
Join us for this webinar as we are doing our bit to #SupportUkraine.

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How can you support Ukraine?

As the Russian military invasion of Ukraine has unfolded, so too has a humanitarian crisis that has forced civilians to flee their homes or take refuge in bomb shelters and subway stations throughout the country.

We need your ongoing support to provide resources and support to the most vulnerable people inside Ukraine and in neighbouring countries, especially those on the move in search of safety.

Key Aspects of the Discussion

  • Understanding the current on-ground situation in severely affected areas in Ukraine
  • How are nonprofit organizations in Ukraine and neighbouring countries supporting their emergency response teams?
  • How can corporates across the globe lead relief and resilience campaigns to support Ukraine?


Meet our inspiring and resilient leaders who are spearheading on-ground relief response team to support Ukraine

Gabriela Popescu

Founder, Te Aud Romania

Theresa Pike Rhodes

AVP, Corporate & Foundation Partnerships, Project HOPE
Navario Peter

Peter S Navario

Executive Director HealthRight International


Abhishek Humbad

Abhishek is the founder and CEO of Goodera, a CSR, volunteering and sustainability management platform used globally by corporations, foundations, governments, non-profits, and employees to improve ESG performance and achieve Sustainability Goals. Abhishek has been part of Forbes 30 under 30, MIT Innovators under 35, and is a leader in the evolution of responsible and sustainable business.