Covid-19 has changed our world in unimaginable ways. We are adapting ourselves to live with the new reality. Work from home, online studies, social distancing and face masks are going to be a part of our lives for a very long time.
With the Covid-19 cases increasing rapidly, the world needs more volunteers than ever to help rebuild communities and help them adjust with the new norms. NGOs, Non-profits and Corporates are exploring newer ways to contribute to various causes to ease this transition. Virtual volunteering opens up the avenues to reach and contribute to under-served communities beyond geographical boundaries from the comfort of our homes.
Virtual volunteering plays a vital role in meaningful employee engagement. Activities can be customised to accommodate individual and team participation based on skill sets. Various options are available for one-time engagement as well as long-term association. Apart from promoting positivity, involving in altruism helps promote mental well-being and facilitates learning & development of the employees.
There are several challenges involved in Virtual Volunteering in terms of finding right opportunities, partnering with genuine stakeholders, coordinating the training of volunteers, execution of the projects, measuring the impact, reporting & analysing the output and more. There is a growing need for a connecting link to bridge the gap between various stakeholders – Employees, Corporates, NGO’s, Beneficiaries and more.
CSR is an indispensable part of every organisation. It exhibits the companies’ commitment and responsibility towards the betterment of society. Organisations not only support these initiatives by making financial contributions but also encourage their employees to participate in these initiatives by allowing them paid time to volunteer for various causes.

Meet Your Speakers

Dr. Kavita Chaudhari

Deputy Director – Corporate Social Responsibility, Sanofi

A Medical doctor by qualification with 24 years of diversified experience in healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Kavita has expertise in strategic planning and has built the Sanofi India CSR function by seamlessly aligning to the Group strategy and the new India law for CSR. She has an experience in marketing premium brands across various therapy areas and is an expert in developing/initiating and marketing brand based Disease management programs in oncology, rheumatology and orthopedics.

Kavita single handedly developed and established the first of its kind Public Private Partnership (PPP) for Sanofi India Limited and won the Asian CSR Leadership award in in the area of ‘Concern for Health’. Kavita joined Sanofi 17 years ago after her clinical practice of 7 years. She was also a lecturer in Physiology and Pathology in a medical college. She also is a guest lecturer at NMIMS college in Mumbai. She loves talking to students in management schools, shaping their minds to think societal impact.

Kavita holds a degree (Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery) in medical and has undergone training in Strategic Marketing from Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata & Creating Value through CSR Projects from ISB, Hyderabad.

Kavita is a solo traveler, loves reading and cooking is therapeutic for her.


Dr. V. Shubhalaxmi Reddy

Founder & Managing Trustee, iNaturewatch Foundation

An award winning entomologist, educationist and entrepreneur, Dr. Shubhalaxmi has excelled in all her field of expertise. A moth researcher in 1993 with BNHS , becoming an environmental educator in 1997 and eventually transforming into an ecopreneur in 2014 after quitting her job- is a reckoning story of perseverance and resilience. Nature conservation and environmental protection is her domain. Her key competencies are organization development and business development. She founded three entities ; Ladybird Environmental Consulting, iNaturewatch Foundation and Birdwing Publishers.

She holds a Ph.D from Mumbai University for her work on moths in 2004. She won Fulbright Fellowship for her work in environment education in 2003. She studied distance education and nonprofit management from Boston University as part of Hubert H. Humphrey Programme in 2009. In 2010, she designed india's first environmental online courses. She is two time winner of global competition of U.S. State Department’s Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund in 2012 for Management Development Programme for Nonprofit and in 2014 for three naturebased mobile apps on city biodiversity. She was later chosen for TechnoServe’s Business Accelerator Programme for Women Entrepreneurs in 2015. She won Green CSR Award in 2016 for her company's work in creating butterfly habitats through tree-plantation initiatives for CSR. This was the time when she developed India's first cellphone nature tour mobile app for Sanjay Gandhi National Park. In 2017, her company was part of the winning design team that won the global competition of redesigning of Maharashtra Nature Park. She is India’s first woman entomologist to study moths and in 2018, she authored India's first-Field Guide to Indian Moths. In 2019, she won Tefla awards of excellence in entomology. She is part of Board of Environment Studies of K.J. Somaiya College, Member of IUCN group on Conservation Education and National Moth Week.


Meet Your Moderator

Vijay Krishna

Global Director of Engagement & Solutions at Goodera

Vijay is the Global Director of Engagement & Solutions at Goodera , leading the Volunteering & CSR Business (Sales & Delivery) across North America, EU & APAC. An ex-entrepreneur and one of the key leaders at Goodera, Vijay comes with an experience in technology based strategic sales & solutioning, having advised global brands on their CSR and employee giving strategies. He is a keen advocate of 'social impact' and a strong believer in setting the right expectation both internally and externally and sustaining longer term engagements.

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