2019 Business Impact CollaborationWebinar

As companies entered the 6th year since the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) rules were implemented in the country, experts have increasingly suggested corporations collaborate with each other on social issues. Learn more about it in our webinar “Promoting Collaborations among Social Sector Stakeholders”.

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What You’ll Gain From This Webinar


Molding Impact

Need and ways to create powerful impact programs to build business value

Stakeholder Management

Developing effective collaboration among multiple stakeholders


Discovering synergies with experienced partners for amplified impact

Partnership Bottlenecks

Exploring potential hurdles and how to mitigate them

Technology For Impact

Role of technology in accelerating collaborative impact

Meet Your Host


Ravi Bhatnagar

Ravi Bhatnagar

Director External Affairs & Partnerships, AMESA Region, Reckitt Benckiser

Ravi Bhatnagar Director External Affairs & Partnerships, AMESA Region, Reckitt Benckiser

Ravi Bhatnagar is a Global public health and Public affairs professional who currently Heads the External Affairs and Partnerships for Reckitt Benckiser, India.

Ravi has extensive experience in partnering with an elite group of global foundations such as Clinton Health Access, World Bank, ADRA and generating sustainable impact on the ground with multiple stakeholders including corporations, NGOs, Foundations and local governance bodies in India and abroad. Ravi has also enabled organizations to pivot their goals with those of the community at large, facilitating development of a thriving and sustainable ecosystem of responsible business.

Your Moderator For The Webinar

Sriram Shankar

Sriram Shankar

Sriram Shankar

Business Head – Goodera

Sriram Shankar Business Head – Goodera

Sriram Shankar Heads Goodera's Enterprise Business in India and the Global Delivery function.
A large part of his role involves ongoing capability building within Goodera to ensure superior value realization and experience for clients. He continues to look for ways to drive up technology adoption in the areas of CSR and Sustainability.
Sriram's areas of expertise include consulting, solution development and global delivery across industries such as Fintech, e-commerce and Technology Enabled Services.

Watch the webinar where Ravi will share his thoughts and insights on the need for corporations to collaborate and how to build successful partnerships for creating impact at scale

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