Key clarifications on Complying with CSR Law in India

On 25th August 2021, the Central Government of India released FAQs providing clarifications to the amended Corporate Social Responsibility Policy rules and Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013. The clarifications have provided further explanation on the processes for CSR spend, CSR project management and CSR reporting. Goodera aims to help Companies and Non-profit organizations understand these explanations and the resulting actions for their teams.

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Key Highlights
CSR Expenditure
Unspent CSR Amount
CSR Project Defining Ongoing Projects
Eligibility of CSR Activities
CSR Governance
Session Structure
  • 5 mins Context setting and key highlights of CSR Rules 2021
  • 25 mins Discussion on FAQs
  • 10 mins Goodera’s new service offerings to enable these changes
  • 15 mins Audience Q&A
Shubhangi Kitchloo, Associate Director - Growth, Goodera
Shubhangi is a leading practitioner in the intersection of development and technology, with a passion for strategic CSR. She has assisted companies across industries in translating their CSR vision into vibrant portfolios of projects with actionable insights and clear definitions of success. Shubhangi has also worked with leading global agencies such as the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, where she worked on compendiums of Green Technologies, Success Stories from the SME sector, and South- South partnerships.
Tejashree Thatte, Associate Director - Business Engagement, Goodera
Tejashree is a CSR consultant with 9+ years of hands-on experience.She has been a strategic advisor on CSR compliance, strategy formulation, program design and impact assessment to companies from varied sectors such as banking, pharmaceuticals, technology, manufacturing and FMCG. She holds a Master's degree in International Development from The London School of Economics.
Kajal Batra, Associate, Goodera
Kajal is a CSR and Sustainability practitioner. She has worked with AVPN Singapore in the past and has a strong inclination towards the social impact sector. She holds a Master's in Management with a focus on Sustainability from Singapore Management University.

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