Moving beyond the A-Z of Fundraising-

10 Fundraising Megatips

10th November 2021, Wednesday

9:30 AM (Ireland time)

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What we’ll cover

A detailed roadmap to a successful fundraising strategy for your nonprofit


Align your fundraising goals with your mission


Learn To Ask- The Magic Arrow


Choose the right fundraising mix for your org


Understand Donor Care- The Before, During, and After

About the webinar

This webinar will take you beyond the basics of Fundraising, and talk about some real-life issues that nonprofits face, with a practical approach to tackle them. We will also discuss the best practices and a step-by-step journey that you should follow towards achieving your fundraising goals with your limited resources and the right fundraising mix.

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About the speaker

Kevin Delaney is a nonprofit consultant and the Co-founder of Academy Street Workshop, a nonprofit specialist agency. With over a decade of experience working with and for nonprofit organizations in Ireland and across the world, Kevin has gained expertise in supporting organizations with fundraising, delivery of training for nonprofits, mentoring, and educational program development. He has presented on fundraising and nonprofit leadership at conferences around the world, including the Institute of Fundraising National Convention (London), Fundraising Ireland National Fundraising Conference (Ireland), Norwegian National Fundraising Conference (Norway), European Relay For Life Summit (Netherlands & Ireland), and Global Relay For Life Summit (USA).

Kevin Delaney

Co-Founder, Academy Street Workshop

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Nonprofit leaders need to ensure that they engage their highly purpose-driven supporters for impactful causes.

Join fundraising master trainer, Kevin Delaney, for a review of the best practices beyond the basics of Fundraising. Kevin will boil down the research from top fundraising experts to provide actionable tips on both how to achieve your fundraising goals!

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