Equality, Equity, and #10KforRacialEquality

Michael Sheldrick, Chief Policy and Government Relations Officer at Global Citizen, and our Founder & CEO, Abhishek Humbad joined us for a fireside chat as a part of our #10KforRacialEquality campaign. They speak about racial equality and the need for racial equity in the current times.


Abhishek Humbad

Founder and CEO, Goodera

Michael Sheldrick

Chief Policy and Government Relations Officer Global Citizen

Launching Goodera’s Karma Hub

From Dialogue to Action with Virtual Volunteering

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Join the #10KforRacialEquality movement

It takes just 30 minutes, and the intent to help. Create a postcard, or mentor a child, do whatever you can do. Even the smallest act is big for those you’re doing it for.