CSR Regulation Rules 2021 - Action Plan and Way forward

On 22nd January 2021, the Central Government of India notified the amended Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Rules and the amended Section 135 of the Companies Act 2013 - the regulation governing the corporate social responsibility of all companies registered in India. These amendments have affected all aspects of the CSR lifecycle from designing, implementation & monitoring to reporting of the CSR activities undertaken.

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The key changes
CSR Policy
  • Re-defines the meaning of CSR
  • CSR Policy to be a guiding document
  • Heightens the role of the Board in creating CSR policy
CSR Action Plan and Project Design
  • Defines the timeline of ongoing (multi year) projects
  • Mandates CSR Committee to create an annual CSR action plan
CSR Project Implementation, Monitoring & Impact Assessment
  • Requires NGO partners to have CSR Registration Number
  • Defines new roles of International Organization
  • Mandates impact assessment
CSR Financial
  • Introduces guidelines for Unspent and excess expenditure and surplus
  • Clarifies requirements for ownership of assets
  • Creates role for CFO to validate the budget utilization
CSR Reporting and Compliance
  • Introduces new detailed reporting structure
  • Penalizes the non-compliant companies and the related officers
  • Mandatory committee composition requirements disclosure on the website
What's in it for the audience
  • How to adopt the changes given the short timelines
  • What steps need to be taken to ensure full compliance
  • How is Goodera helping the ecosystem in implementing the new changes
Session Structure
  • 15mins Context setting and key highlights of CSR Rules 2021
  • 20 mins Panel Discussion - Action plan and foreseen challenges to adopt the changes
  • 10 mins Goodera’s new service offerings to enable these changes
  • 10 mins Audience Q&A
  • Post the discussion, attendees can register with Goodera for detailed one-on-one assistance for the service offerings by booking the slots via calendly
All Your Questions Answered

What key amendments have been made to the CSR Law in India?

When are the amendments effective from? Are they applicable for FY 2021?

These amendments have come into effect from 22nd January 2021 and are applicable for FY 2021 as well.

What are the immediate action items to ensure compliance with the new CSR Rules?

Review your CSR policy and amend it as per the new requirements, Collate information for the new CSR Report structure and ensure your CSR Implementing Partners obtain the unique CSR Registration number at the earliest.

How can Goodera’s new services help me?

  • For Corporates: CSR Policy review and Creation of annual action plan
  • For Corporates: Technology enabled Impact Assessment Module
  • For NGOs: Accounting support for submission of the e-form CSR-1 to obtain the unique CSR Registration number

With the modules designed to be extremely secure with an end-to-end cloud-based infrastructure, Goodera is one of the only ISO 27001 certified companies in the ecosystem.
Anurag Pratap, Vice President & Digital Inclusion and Sustainability Leader Capgemini Technology Services India Limited
Anurag brings with him more than 24 years of diversified experience in CSR, and community development. At present, he anchors CSR at Capgemini India. Over the past two decades plus, he has worked with various grassroot agencies, donor agencies, UN Agency and Corporates.
Sakshi Mehta, Head- Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility, Ericsson.
Ms. Sakshi Mehta is the Head- Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility at Ericsson India Global Services Private Limited. My professional experience of 20+years, has been a diverse one- starting from training, external and internal communication followed by CSR and sustainability implementation in two technology multinationals. I have spearheaded sustainability and corporate responsibility for Ericsson in India for over 9 years and previously, supported the Intel CSR team driving their Education initiatives in India. Conceptualized and implemented large Education, Healthcare and Technology projects in marginalized communities across India with various partners. I strongly advocate that technology can drive positive change and the partnerships we make can enable the same. As said by J.K Rowling “We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better”. Read more...

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