Crypto Philanthropy 2.0

Nonprofit Fundraising with NFTs

5th April, 2022 (Tuesday)

12 PM (EST)

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What we’ll cover


What are NFTs and why do they matter?


How are NFTs changing philanthropy and social impact?


How can you get started today?

About the webinar

Duration: 60 mins (50 mins + 10 mins Q&A)

In this second episode of our crypto philanthropy series, Goodera has partnered with Doing Gud, to discuss ways your nonprofit can start fundraising with NFTs in no time. They’ll also cover how NFTs work, their relation to cryptocurrency, and best practices for appraisals and taxes.

Join Rebecca Stokes and Wendy Feher from Doing Gud, to learn what NFT is, why it matters, and how nonprofits can accept these gifts.

About the speakers

Nonprofit Relations and
Partnerships Director, DoinGud

Rebecca works as a Nonprofit Relations and Partnerships Director with DoinGud: an NFT digital art marketplace where each and every transaction results in a minimum of a 5% donation to a nonprofit of the creator’s choosing.

Rebecca is passionate about delivering impact in a wide range of areas with a central theme of enabling community and individual resilience and empowerment. Outside of DoinGud, she works with a variety of impact projects and nonprofits.

Wendy Feher

Steward, Nonprofit Relations and
Community Team, DoinGud

Wendy works at t DoinGud where she stewards the team that recruits nonprofits into the Web3 space and DoinGud ecosystem.

Wendy started in the crypto and NFT space after a career of marketing, sales and business development with traditional and Web 2 media companies. Prior to joining the precursor to DoinGud, Wendy worked with senior executives of global organizations to transform performance through leadership, culture change, and pace of innovation.

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Brought to you by Goodera in partnership with DoinGud, a new NFT marketplace where each and every NFT purchase delivers a donation to a nonprofit of the creator’s choosing. Nonprofit teams that are curious about NFTs are highly encouraged to attend

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Crypto is only getting more popular as a giving vehicle, as young charitable generations invest in this new asset class and learn about the tax savings..

Yet, very few nonprofits accept crypto, and those that do often have a cumbersome process for the donor. And many fundraisers are still struggling to understand what crypto is, what it means for philanthropy, and how to secure these gifts. Watch Tina Roh, Co-Founder and COO, Every.Org to learn what crypto is, the trends and risks impacting crypto giving, and how nonprofits can fundraise and accept crypto donations.

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