Breaking Biases, Building Culture

We all have stories to tell—but as women, we’re either too afraid, don’t get the chance to, or worse, our stories are told by others who don’t understand us.

Goodera is proud to be part of the changing narrative of storytelling where women don’t care about fitting into glass slippers, but are steadfastly shattering the glass ceiling to own #HerStory.

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Building gender-inclusive workspaces
The COVID-19 crisis has driven as many as 2 million women - particularly mothers with young children - to consider leaving the workforce or stepping back from their careers.
There is also a disconnect between companies’ growing commitment to racial equity and the lack of improvement we see in the day-to-day experiences of women of color.
While companies are more diverse than ever, many organizations are yet to cultivate inclusive work environments in an effective and consistent manner.
The Webinar focuses on four key aspects
  • How can companies make more concerted efforts to ensure gender parity, fairness and openness?
  • While equity is an obvious business imperative, what can be done about it is much less obvious. How can companies lessen COVID-19’s impact on women—particularly mothers, senior women, and women of color?
  • Instead of trying to change some people to fit the organization, how can organizations focus on transforming their workspaces to fit all people?
  • How can volunteering support to drive intentions to actions at workplaces?
Meet your team of inspirational leaders who have carried forward the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., by fostering a spirit of equality and openness within their organizations.
Elizabeth Lam Sr. Partnerships Manager at Breaking The Glass
Elizabeth Lam has led the Breaking The Glass program for three years. Breaking The Glass is an ESG program of Sthree that helps the entire STEM community attract, retain, and promote more diverse hiring in positions of influence and opportunity. Through her three years at Breaking The Glass she had led the programs from an Austin Tech program to a national cross STEM initiative.
Diann Lawson Director of the Sequoia Impact Program
Diann engages Sequoia team members, clients and extended network in giving back to the community through volunteerism, fundraising for causes, and learning about social challenges and how to take action. She also advises companies on how to start their own social impact programs.
Charita McClellan, MBA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager at Alteryx
Charita has the privilege of being the first Diversity, Equity and Inclusion manager at Alteryx, a data analytics software company. In the past, she has served as the Professional Development Chair for the Black Professionals Group as well as the Community Engagement Chair and Richardson and Dallas site leads for North Texas LGBT+ Pride. Additionally, Charita presented a product, “Bi, POC and Womxn – 3 Strikes” at the 2020 Out and Equal Workplace Summit.
Meet your Moderator
Deepti Gupta
Chief of Staff at Goodera
Deepti is passionate about volunteering and has been leading key strategic initiatives to revolutionize this space through technology. An electrical engineer turned strategy professional, Deepti has worked with global brands across diverse sectors including oil & gas, consumer goods, technology, and social impact.
Events around Women’s History Month
At Goodera, we’ve curated a list of virtual volunteering events around International Women’s Day and Women History Month. These events are focused around:
Racial equality
Gender equity
Celebrate women's contributions
Advocate equal representation for women
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