Social Media
Strategies for

for continuous engagement
and awareness

The Basics

Update information on profile
pages of all platforms:

about sections, links, and
call to action buttons.

Define your goals (for each post):

Sharing News, Brand Recognition, Education about your cause and mission, Fundraising, Volunteer Recruitment, Donor Recognition, Awards, etc

Define your goals (for each post):
Make an excel sheet

Make an excel sheet:

to plan daily content, hashtags
research, and measure statistics

The Regular

Create all content

Create all content in advance and proofread both copy and creative.

Use third-party scheduling

Use third-party scheduling
apps or schedulers on respective platforms to regularize publishing.

For interactions

For interactions, spend 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening to engage with people who have commented or replied via Direct Messaging.

Content Ideas

Success Story

Quote from a volunteer

Volunteer Spotlight

Client Update

Throwback to
the last event

Impact your nonprofit
has made over the past year

Thank You Video
from Director/Founder

Tips or How-to be an
ally to your cause

Top 3 things your
organization needs

Information about
your organization

Types of donations and
how they help your cause

List of sponsors/partners