Reimagining volunteering –
Flourishing in the new normal

With COVID-19, the world has changed in unimaginable ways. The world needs helping hands now more than ever. In these changing times, we need to explore options to volunteer remotely.

Virtual Volunteering.
Real Goodness

What is it?

Virtual Volunteering is the act of volunteering online and
contributing to a global cause.

Why is it important

Virtual volunteering, when designed well and delivered efficiently, can lead to the creation of a stronger sense of community. It allows us to extend our helping hands from the comfort of our home.


It helps in community building – Create an impact while engaging and connecting with people

It makes you happy – It helps to achieve a greater sense of purpose

It reduces stress – Helps to boost self-esteem and form rich interpersonal relationships

It helps in mental wellbeing – Helps us nurture our soul which in turn helps the state of mind

Help a community school with
an online education setup

Make a donation to
an animal shelter

Record audiobooks for
visually challenged

Make video tutorials on various topics to keep children engaged

Learn more at the Karma Summit.
It opens the gates to the world of
volunteering and doing good.