Sustainability During COVID Crisis


Sustainability During COVID Crisis

Many brands across the globe including Amazon, Reckitt Benckiser, Novartis, Capgemini, and State Street A are now relying on...

9th June 2020


How to deliver data-driven impact decisions

Richa Bajpai, founder of Goodera, talks with Ian Welsh about the challenges companies face measuring the impact of their...

15th May 2020


Goodera- Powering the World of Good through Technology and Domain Expertise | Bharat Calling

Watch how Goodera is transforming the CSR and Sustainability landscape in India using state of the art technology and domain...

14th April 2020


Conscious capitalism, CSR, sustainability and beyond

Is conscious capitalism an oxymoron? Can businesses focus on achieving financial goals while also making sure they drive...

18th July 2019


AI For Good: Accelerating Business Growth with SDGs

Businesses worldwide are keen on shaping AI as a force for good. Incorporating ethical and empathetic perceptiveness at the...

2nd July 2019