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Partnering for Good

Goodera partners with you to help you realise your corporate vision of creating social impact. Our domain knowledge in corporate giving, data-driven approach and proprietary technology which brings the key stakeholders together, provide you with an end-to-end solution to manage your employee volunteering program.

Connecting corporates, employees and NGOs

Doing good made easy

A successful employee volunteering program requires the right partnerships, attention to detail and effective communication. Thankfully, we have it all under control! Our award winning, end-to-end solution provides enriching experiences to your employees with hassle-free management at your end. This helps you and your team focus on one thing – doing good!

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1Authentic experience sourcing

To create purposeful impact, it is important to understand your employees’ passion and offer them relevant employee giving opportunities to help them perform their best.

  • Trusted community partners 40,000+ verified and legally vetted community partners (NGOs) publish new employee giving and volunteering opportunities on our platform.
  • Personalized social responsibility We offer a diverse pool of volunteering opportunities for your employees across causes, interests, skills and locations.
  • Standardised experiences Our employee volunteering opportunities are diverse, but standardized to ensure your employees get a consistent quality of experience.
  • Volunteering strategy design We create a comprehensive organisational impact strategy and calendar aligned to your business goals and employee interests.
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2Diverse employee giving opportunities

With the support of our community partners, we offer high quality, tailored employee giving experiences, custom built to suit your organizational cause and goals.

  • Volunteering experiences We organize memorable employee volunteering experiences either exclusively for your team or as community events with other organizations. Hands-on volunteering boosts employee morale, helping them perform better at their jobs.
  • Virtual volunteering Our technological innovation and robust partnerships enable your employees to volunteer at their own time, using their skills to create impact starting at 5 minutes.
  • Online donations Financial donations create a direct impact in the operations and infrastructure of our NGOs. Using technology, we bring transparency and accountability in the system so that your employees can track their donations.
  • Payroll giving Your employees can automate online donations to ensure month on month contributions towards a cause of their choice. This allows them to create social good with a lower commitment of time.
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3Meaningful employee engagement

When employees are driven by their passion, employee engagement becomes more purposeful, creating a culture of social good and community of impact champions.

  • Marketing collateral We provide communication material like standees, posters, emailers, danglers and more, to augment the culture of employee volunteering within your organisation.
  • Interactive platform Employees can invite each other to events, share photos and videos and even engage in healthy competition through our gamification model and leaderboards.
  • Stimulating conversations The platform has inspiring content about corporate giving and is equipped with social sharing to amplify employee conversations about social impact.
  • Feedback management Employees can rate and review their experiences to help us create more enriching employee volunteering experiences in the future.
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4Performance management

When stakeholders can track and measure the tangible impact they have created, it encourages them to continue creating social change, re-inforcing the culture of employee volunteering.

  • Tracking volunteering hours Employees can log their employee volunteering hours, measure their donations and track the total good that they are creating
  • Impact reports Automated dashboards and metrics at an organisational level give you an insight into employee engagement and social impact created, in real-time.
  • Program governance You can use the trends and metrics from the platform to track, manage and improve the performance of the program within the organization
  • Intelligent recommendations Our self-learning technology and deep customer insights make data-driven suggestions to maximize the future impact and engagement.
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5Omni-channel support

It takes an impact-driven team to build an impact-driven solution. We ensure that our team provides end-to-end support to make a successful and purposeful employee volunteering program.

  • In-platform support Our intuitive and easy to use platform comes with a help manual, training videos and FAQs and can be easily integrated with your existing HRMS tools.
  • Employee training We have extensive platform usability training programs for the admin team and volunteering champions to ensure an effective on-boarding.
  • Relationship manager Our relationship managers go out of their way to ensure that you and your team have a glitch-free experience, focused only on creating impact.
  • In-house campaign amplification We provide thematic content, marketing collateral and tech support to amplify other cause-driven campaigns within your organization*.

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Carefully planning and promoting featured volunteering programs can improve participation and engagement across your employee base. Goodera Volunteer presents year-round opportunities calendar to engage the workforce with cause-focused campaigns.
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