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Corporate volunteering and CSR programs

At Goodera, we are committed to furthering the cause of our non-profit partners and enabling them in working successfully with our corporate clients. Every year thousands of non-profit partners benefit from our network of 200+ corporate clients in India.

Partner with Goodera
Below are some of the ways

1. Request volunteers for your community requirements or on ongoing projects

2. Advertise your one-off volunteering, employee donation and fundraising campaign ideas to corporate customers

3. Adopt communities near client offices and implement CSR interventions

4. Report progress on ongoing CSR projects as per Goodera client requirements

5. And many more..


Our Impact


200+ Corporations; 25 in Fortune 500


90+ Countries


1.8MM Non-Profits


1MM+ Volunteers

We regularly send updates to our partners about upcoming opportunities and client requests. In case you are interested in receiving these updates, please fill the form below and sign up.

Once signed up, we will reach out to you as and when opportunities come. Basis your response and client interest, we will mutually decide whether or not to engage further and collect requisite details about your organisation. In case of any questions, please write to us at