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What does it mean to be doing good in the world today? To say that we are dealing with significant challenges as communities, companies, people and as a country is an understatement. We are living in generation redefining times, where our roads are deserted, our factories grinding to a halt and our schools closed. We have seen huge migrations undertaken on foot and economic distress in what were previously regions of prosperity.

What has stood out in this time is the motivation and the desire to contribute to alleviating this crisis. Whether it is companies or individuals, we have all made contributions in our local communities and our personal or professional networks. This has manifested itself in disaster relief work, charitable donations, product donations and volunteering of both time and expertise in an effort to contain the impact of the global pandemic.

Goodera has been a critical part of this action and has been working with our clients, partner NGOs, stakeholders, employee volunteers and the greater community to continue to provide avenues for doing good. We have redefined strategies, expanded our outreach and continue to drive channels for new and innovative projects as well as volunteering and sustainability efforts that drive value for the global community.

As we continue this journey we welcome you to be part of the conversation around doing good during the Karma Summit: Co-creating a new normal. The Karma Summit will provide opportunities to discuss the strategies and solutions for the pandemic while minimizing risk to our employees and communities.

Join us and our partners as we bring together the most pressing conversations that impact how you visualize and implement your CSR and Volunteering initiatives for 2020 and beyond during our session on Vision 2025: Developing a Roadmap for doing good. Learn from our Panelists and Speakers on creating multi stakeholder partnerships that accelerate and deepen our ability to transform a region.

Karma Summit India

Co-creating the new normal

Recognizing relentless resilience and strategies for sustainability.

Join visionaries of the CSR Community and leading luminaries of the volunteering world and examine the role of technology in shaping the future of tomorrow and democratizing access for the underprivileged.

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