25th and 26th November 2020

Karma Summit India

Co-creating a New Normal

The two-day conference aimed at shaping India’s future towards responsible capitalism alsopremiered one of India’s first ever Karma Awards to recognize individuals and organizationswho brought about social change. With visionary leaders and changemakers, over 1500participants from all over the country became a part of co-creating a new normal.

Goodera’s Karma Hub

From Dialogue to Action with Virtual Volunteering

Goodera’s Karma Hub allows teams and organizations to volunteer virtually. With the world’slargest repository of virtual volunteering opportunities, Karma Hub connects corporates withnonprofits across the globe.

Day 1
Keynote Address

Rebuilding a Better Tomorrow

2014 Nobel Peace Prize winner Mr. Kailash Satyarthi sets the vision for the upcoming 5 yearsconsidering the current setback. In a discussion with Abhishek Humbad, Mr. Satyarthi outlines the roleof key stakeholders to bring about change.

Panel Discussion

SDGs 2030 and the Role of CSR in India

This panel discussion addresses challenges and opportunities in achieving the SustainableDevelopment Goals (SDGs) by 2030 by setting the expectations from the private sector to overcomethe challenges and efforts to achieve the goals.

Panel Discussion

COVID 19 : A Necessary Wake-Up Call or a Healthcare Catastrophe

The panel discusses the current healthcare scenario and the role played by the government, andpublic and private healthcare providers in response to Covid-19. Get an insight into strategies to buildresilience in our communities and healthcare system to effectively fight a future catastrophe.

Panel Discussion

Riding out the Storm: Strategy for CSR Continuity

This session discusses the challenges for the CSR ecosystem and its stakeholders, posed byCovid-19. The panelists share strategies based on their experiences to re-prioritise CSR goals, fundsand programs to address the socio-economic challenges posed by the pandemic.

Panel Discussion

Empowering Employees Virtually - The Community VolunteeringFramework

The panelists share their experiences on volunteering transformation and the challenges involved andaddress how Virtual Volunteering has not only enhanced Employee Engagement but also EmpoweredEmployees by allowing them to pursue their own philanthropic passions .

Panel Discussion

Inclusive Impact: The challenges of sustained Corporate VolunteeringFramework

As organizations grow their volunteering programmes, the challenges of evolving a long termvolunteering programme that remain exciting, elicit participation and avoid volunteer fatigue becomemore obvious. This session discusses how to create meaningful volunteering programmes thatencourage inclusivity and involve the maximum number of employees and stakeholders in thevolunteering process.

Panel Discussion

Technology for Good - To Address the Limitations on InterpersonalInteractions, Maximizing the Impact and Efficiency

The panelists deliberate on efforts required to bridge the digital divide in India by ensuring a platformto disseminate good content to the last mile.They further discuss the critical role of technology andinnovation to address today's social issues across various sectors such as healthcare, education andpoverty alleviation while sharing experiences on innovative technology-based projects andpartnerships their organizations are undertaking .

Panel Discussion

Business with Purpose- A Changing Boardroom Discussion

This session empanels CXOs to help deliberate on why communities are the key stakeholders ofbusinesses. The panelists discuss how their companies have been successful in moving beyondcompliance and establishing equilibrium between their social and business objectives

Panel Discussion

Strategy for NGOs

Recent Covid-19 pandemic posed multiple challenges to the non-profits in terms of access to fundsand realigned priorities of the communities and their donors. This is a dedicated session for thenon-profits to know clear strategies across the project lifecycle right from sustainable access tofunding, to build resilient program models and improve agility in their processes.

Panel Discussion

One Step forwards Two Steps back? Gender and the COVID Divide

This panel involves leaders from social organizations who have been instrumental in bridging thegender divide that compromises the scale of impact. Panelists discuss how Covid-19 has sloweddown the pace of these efforts and how organizations have overcome these challenges by redefiningtheir strategies.

Panel Discussion

Session on Startups for Good

Leaders from the startup ecosystem who responded briskly to the pandemic by implementinginnovative solutions for good speak about the initiatives undertaken by their organizations to reducethe impact of Covid-19 on disadvantaged communities.

Panel Discussion

Partnerships for Good: Implementing programs that transform theCommunity

Partnerships are the foundation of the social sector, without which the envisaged scale and depth ofimpact is impossible to achieve. In this session, the panelists discuss the importance of committing tolong term programs which allows great partnerships to evolve. They also address key enablers ofsolid partnerships such as shared vision, focus on intermediate achievements and complementarycontribution.


In the endeavour of enabling action, our team at Goodera prepared helpful resources for HR and CSRprofessionals and nonprofits to understand, plan, and implement virtual volunteering to keep doinggood in the new normal.

The Big Book of Virtual Volunteering

The big book of virtual volunteering guides you on every aspect of virtual volunteering – From curatingopportunities to engaging employees and measuring impact.

Karma Survey : State of Virtual Volunteering

Exclusive insights and trends on virtual volunteering, collected from a survey of over 2500 corporatesand nonprofits – The Karma Survey reports on the motivations, challenges and benefits of moving tovirtual volunteering.