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Personalized employee donations campaign for covid-19

Companies can now provide the opportunity for employees to donate for the cause of COVID-19 in a simple way. Follow the steps below to go live with personalised donation campaign for your organization.

  • Step 1 Fill out the form with the complete details of your campaign
  • Step 2 Update the objectives of the campaign and promote within your organization
  • Step 3 Wait for the donations to come in, which will automatically be transferred to the non-profit
  • Step 4 Share the impact created by the donated funds and encourage more people to join!

A Few of the Groundbreaking Campaigns on Goodera

Let’s join hands to donate to the COVID-19 cause


Rapido is running a donation campaign to financially support its drivers during the COVID-19 lockdown.

  • Amount raised so far: Rs. 3,239,774
  • Donors so far: 5082



Porter is running a donation campaign to ensure its drivers and their families get through the lockdown without facing any hardships.

  • Amount raised so far: Rs. 4,551,614
  • Donors so far: 619

Trusted partners for employee volunteering and donations



Amazon is raising 100Cr for PM Cares fund and its partner NGOs-to extend support to frontline medical staff and communities, and will match 100% employee donations.

  • Amount raised so far: Rs. 84,60,704
  • Donors so far: 2321



Mercedes is raising fund for PM Cares fund and its partner NGOs-to extend support to frontline medical staff and communities.

  • Amount raised so far: Rs.  674,929
  • Donors so far: 351

Tally Solutions

Tally Solutions

Tally solutions is raising fund for PM Cares fund and its partner NGOs-to extend support to frontline medical staff and communities.

  • Amount raised so far: Rs. 408,810
  • Donors so far: 289



Bosch is raising fund for PM Cares fund and its partner NGOs-to extend support to frontline medical staff and communities.

  • Amount raised so far: Rs. 185,746
  • Donors so far: 95

Tell us about your fundraiser

Companies can update the below fields, review and submit the information. The Goodera team will further process those information to go live with the donation campaign. Reach out to our expert any time during the sign up process and our team will get in touch for further on boarding.

Our team will verify all the details and will reach out to you for on boarding discussion. This will include objective of fundraising, timeline and answer any questions you may have on the donation drive

Submit donation information online

Check out some of the exciting virtual volunteering opportunities in the Goodera ecosystem


Spread Awareness

Create posters and share them in order to spread awareness about the best practices to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Lend Business Expertise

Solve the operational and managerial issues that NGOs are running into during these uncertain times.

Create Teaching Aids

Make educational charts that can be used to teach the children missing school due to the threat of the pandemic.

We ensure maximum impact

40000+ verified NGOs on Goodera

25% of India’s CSR budget gets managed on Goodera

Monitoring and Impact Reporting as per MCA guidelines


What is Goodera?

Goodera is a technology platform that makes CSR, volunteering and sustainability activity transparent, measurable and engaging. Used globally by corporations and foundations, Goodera simplifies goodness by automating processes, managing data and facilitating coordination with nonprofits. Goodera is currently deployed by 200 clients — including Target, Gap, Dell, IBM, Amazon and P&G – and engaging 600,000+ employee volunteers to 40,000+ nonprofits across 90+ countries across the globe. Managing over $250 million in CSR capital, the Goodera platform is used to collect and aggregate data from internal and third-party sources.

Goodera is co-headquartered in San Mateo, CA and Bangalore, India and is backed by Omidyar Network, Nexus Venture Partners, and SAIF Partners.

How do I know if this donation campaign will be successful?

Running donation campaigns may be new to you, but we are experts in the field. Rest assured, if your campaign is shared through the right channels and supports a noble cause, it will be successful. We’ve worked our very best to ensure that our platform is robust and user friendly.

How does Goodera Disburse funds during emergencies

While we onboard NGO for donation we take NGO account details which are linked to Goodera nodal account. All the donation for NGO sits in our nodal account and it is disbursed once in a month to NGO.

How long does it take for beneficiaries to receive funds

It is campaign specific. There are certain campaigns in which beneficiaries can wait for funds to come later. In that cases generally it take 30-45 days from the campaign close date. In COVID scenario we try to ensure funds reaches NGO much faster for which we are processing once in a week.

How can we start employee donation for our organization

If you want to support a cause; state the cause, Goodera will share couple of NGO and their program details, Choose the NGO and we can go live

It takes only 5 minutes