Creating a World of Good

The Goodera Way of Doing Things

Simplifying complex world scale problems through technology

Great Performance Matters

Great performance goes beyond the results you deliver. It is defined by taking ownership, being trustworthy and having the ability to bounce back from failures.

Raising Customer Love

We listen and deliver to ensure our customers get exactly what they want, with meaningful advisory every step of the way.

Do More With Less

It takes talent to make the best of what we have and create lasting good. We strive to create impactful solutions despite limitations of the ecosystem is which we operate.

Stay Humble, Never Settle

Success for us is a journey. We celebrate our milestones, yet never stop learning and improving everything we do.

Human Technology

Technology is an enabler for the individual and society operating and benefiting from it. We constantly remind ourselves that our product and design should simplify and operate on instinct.

Being Trustworthy

Gooders operate with integrity. Our ethics are paramount. We foster open communication. Transparency is essential, be it between between colleagues or with our clients. Being trustworthy is in our DNA.

Complex World Scale Problems, Simplified

We Integrate data and technology to create awareness and engagement that help solve social issues while making tangible and fulfilling value additions at an individual level.

Engineering is at Our Core

We are all engineers, bringing ideas to life using a blended approach to the CSR & Volunteering ecosystem. Our mission is to ensure that all goodness in the world flows through our platform. We strive to build solutions and do good with discipline and precision.


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Goodera In Action

We are present at key industry events, raising awareness and making a difference.


Find out what Gooders have to say about their time here at Goodera. Gain insights into what makes a true gooder and how diversity, inclusion and performance make us who we are.


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