Investing in sustainable practices can raise revenue by 20%
Shareholder value can rise by $1.28 Billion over a span of 15 years with effective Corporate Responsibility
Effective Corporate Responsibility practices help companies avoid $378 million in losses from crises
Strong Corporate Responsibility commitment sees employee productivity increase by 13%
$1 in Corporate Responsibility investment can return $6 in increased sales revenue
Doing a world of good
Studies, research and white papers on how Corporate Responsibility is made successful world over
Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Amplify your Corporate Responsibility impact with the Goodera Intelligence Platform

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Exponentially improve your sustainability performance using the Goodera Sustainability Intelligence Platform

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One platform for everything Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability that helps you collect and analyse data from across the world in local languages, helps you understand impact at the last mile in real time, provides dashboards for reporting to all your stakeholders and engages employees in volunteering

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