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Webinar on CSR to fight COVID-19

Webinar on CSR to fight COVID-19

On 26th March, Goodera hosted a webinar to discuss how CSR could help humanity fight COVID-19. The webinar was hosted by Abhishek Humbad, Founder and CEO of Goodera. Joining him for the webinar were Jyoti Vij, Deputy Secretary General at FICCI, Uma Seth, Senior Director & Head Corporate Social Responsibility, Diversity & Inclusion at FICCI SEDF and Sujata Saunik, Additional Chief Secretary, Dept of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India.

We had an overwhelming response for the webinar and it was great to see all the people coming together to understand more ways to support the COVID-19 pandemic.

Current Scenario
How are other businesses tackling this problem?
What can CSR teams do?
How can Goodera and FICCI help you help humanity?
FICCI’s perspective on the crisis
A word from the Government of India
Here is how you can be a part of it

Current Scenario

COVID-19 is growing exponentially, with the number of confirmed cases rising rapidly everywhere in the world. With 600+ cases in India alone and panic in the mindset of every Indian, the current scenario looks bleak. WHO has already declared the disease a pandemic and has asked the world to be on high alert.

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has declared the pandemic a notified disaster and has begun to accept CSR support from corporates under Schedule VII’s Preventive Healthcare and Disaster Management areas. State governments have also requested support for PPE kits, N95 masks, ventilators, pumps, beds and medicines in large volumes.

With white-collar roles shifting to a work-from-home model across the country, there is awareness within the masses. Social distancing is also being practised rigorously. However, this has impacted the informal sector, with ~50 million people’s jobs taking a hit with social distancing interfering with their jobs.

In terms of medical facilities, India only has, at best, 5-8 ventilators per 100 hospital beds. Moreover, we have a massive shortage of isolation centres with only 7 hospital beds being in existence per 10,000 Indians.

Employees, consumers and even the government expect companies to take the initiative and ensure our people make it through this crisis. All eyes are on CSR teams to drive relief and rehabilitation for those affected by COVID-19.

What can CSR teams do?

There are five key areas of intervention that companies need to focus on:

  • Creation of awareness among the community members regarding the safest and best practices for avoiding infections.
  • Provision of equipment and resources to medical institutions to develop a more resilient healthcare system.
  • Supporting frontline workers and community members with materials and supplies.
  • Supporting vulnerable sections who have no income source to avoid financial stress and improve access to food and essential resources
  • Expedition of research on testing techniques, vaccines and a cure for the pandemic

These interventions can be done in two ways, either by deploying CSR funds to help the NGOs working on various projects for relief and rehabilitation or by leveraging employee donations and virtual volunteering by employees.

Goodera has 30+ CSR projects in multiple geographies across India to help CSR teams create an impact in multiple ways. We have also carefully vetted over 15 donation opportunities and 30+ impact-heavy virtual volunteering opportunities so that individuals can also contribute to this fight.

How can Goodera and FICCI help you help humanity?

This unique situation has brought with it many challenges. All our efforts need to be time-sensitive and go through multiple stakeholders, requiring quick collaboration. With supply-side issues and a quickly changing environment, it is quite difficult to put thoughts into action alone. Therefore, we must not work individually to keep reinventing the wheel. Instead, we need to complement and combine efforts.

This is where Goodera comes in. By partnering with FICCI, we have ensured that we are up to date with best practices that companies are taking up as well as the initiatives the government is taking up. All our projects have been designed to support each other with synergies, making the sum total of impact much more than just the sum of impacts of individual projects.

Goodera can connect healthcare requirements arising from government bodies with CSR teams in real-time. Moreover, we coordinate with government agencies on the companies’ behalf in executing and documenting CSR support. Our network of healthcare infrastructure vendors will help companies out with procurement as well as last-mile delivery. Needless to say, we will help you track the dissemination of the funds and understand the impact your funds are creating on the ground.

FICCI’s Perspective on the Crisis

When Jyoti Vij from FICCI took the mic, she spoke about how FICCI wants to help everyone in need so we can come out of this situation. FICCI is figuring out how projects can be built in consultation with state governments. Given that the president of FICCI is currently from the healthcare area, they are focussing heavily on healthcare.

FICCI has also set up a high-level advisory board which will monitor the entire flow of funding into the appropriate projects. FICCI-SEDF has tied up with a number of NGOs who are working on the ground and are looking for credible NGOs looking to make an impact.

Though the primary focus is to solve the immediate needs of the hour, FICCI is also thinking about the future havoc that this pandemic can wreak and the measures that need to be taken to solve them.

A Word from the Government of India

Sujata Saunik, Additional Chief Secretary, Dept of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India.also joined the webinar to share the needs and problems faced by the state governments. She thanked all the donors that had come forward to show their support in this time of crisis. As a result of this, the Maharashtra government has been able to set up testing labs and provide masks and essential equipment to hospitals and frontline workers.

There is also a control room set up in Maharashtra where senior officers are monitoring issues concerning industry, law and order and healthcare agencies. Since we have many days to go before this crisis is over, we need to focus on the urban poor and make available rations, cooked food and transport for the staff that need to be on duty. Sujata ended her segment by pointing out that we need to move from focussing on immediate response and focus on sustained response instead.

Here is how you can be a part of it

Book a 30-minute slot with a Goodera expert

In this slot, our Goodness experts will understand your needs, suggest custom project solutions, suggest ways to get internal buy-ins and enable collaboration and partnerships.

Download the webinar document

We have uploaded the presentation used for the webinar for all to peruse. You can download the entire presentation here if you’d like to revisit any of the topics we discussed.

This webinar is just the beginning of our efforts against this pandemic. We will also be collating all the questions we have received during the webinar and get responses from the government and other stakeholders. These answers will be shared with attendees after the webinar, along with regular newsletters detailing progress around COVID-19 relief. In case you missed out on the webinar, you can still register to get communication around fighting COVID-19 with your CSR funds here.

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