Virtual Volunteering is not just for individuals, try it as a group activity

Virtual Volunteering is not just for individuals, try it as a group activity

2020 did not turn out as planned. Massive changes had to be made on a personal and professional level. One of the biggest shifts people made was moving their workplace to their homes. Yes, this means you spend less time stuck in traffic, but this also means you spend less time around people, including your colleagues. The negative impact that such long periods of isolation might have on the mental wellbeing of individuals, cannot be understated. From an organization perspective, the need to carefully plan and implement employee engagement and wellness initiatives is now more than ever.

Humans are social beings. We are meant to function best in “packs”. Whether it is exercising, indulging in our hobbies, or watching our favorite movies, doing these with someone else is just so much better. We are more motivated when we have someone else to share these moments with. Unfortunately, in this new world of telecommuting and self-quarantining, group activities requiring any kind of physical proximity might bring up some anxiety. Luckily, there is an easy solution that can help us spend some quality time with our friends or colleagues without violating any safety protocols. So, if cabin fever starts to sink in, get up and try some of these group volunteering activities with fellow community members or approach them as employee wellbeing enhancement opportunities:

  • A Goodness Happy Hour where-in you can participate with your team to create cards with motivational and encouraging messages for kids
  • A creative and fun-filled get together to create gamified learning aids that complement children’s classroom learning methods with easy hands-on activities
  • A group audio recording session to lend your voice to short stories for at-risk kids that help them stay hopeful & inspired

Even if you are someone who prefers their own company, spending time with friends or colleagues while partaking in group volunteering activities has immense benefits. Beyond the satisfaction that you will derive from helping someone, becoming a volunteer can be immensely valuable for your personal growth and mental wellbeing. And when done in teams, it can help you connect better with your colleagues and develop stronger bonds in the virtual workplace.

For employers, this is a great way to drive employee engagement and foster team building. So, don’t worry about your employees not being able to chill out over ping pong tables, or have casual conversations with their colleagues over the espresso machine, team virtual volunteering activities could be the perfect platform for them to connect with each other while making valuable contributions to the society.

In a survey recently conducted by Goodera with global companies, around 52% of the respondents reported that they have already adopted virtual volunteering in their organization. Around 60% of those who made this shift, did so with the objective of driving employee engagement and wellbeing.

Want to boost your employees’ wellbeing through a comprehensive and effective Virtual Volunteering program? Explore Goodera’s Karma Hub to find the right volunteering opportunities that align with your organizational goals and employee preferences. You can choose from an extensive repository of online volunteering activities across geographies, durations, skillsets, and causes. If you are new to virtual volunteering, Goodera’s experts can help you design and deliver an impactful corporate volunteering program. Right from hand-picking the best virtual volunteering activities to measuring impact and sharing powerful stories with your employees, they will help you throughout as you kickstart your goodness journey.

Do not let the current global pandemic keep you from doing good. We need to reach out to each other and lend a helping hand, now more than ever. Virtual volunteering gives you the opportunity to do so without even leaving your home. Doing good is important, but doing good together is vital.

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