Virtual volunteering and free donations portal for employee engagement

Virtual volunteering and free donations portal for employee engagement

With workforces working remotely to deal with the threat of the Coronavirus pandemic and employees not getting constant exposure to the company culture, employee engagement is more important than ever. Employee engagement professionals around the world are looking for innovative ways to keep employees engaged from home and aligned with the mission and vision of the company.

To tackle the needs of employee engagement specialists for companies around the world, Goodera has come up with virtual volunteering, a means of giving back to the community on an individual level from the comforts and safety of one’s home. With virtual volunteering, employees can continue to work for the causes they are passionate about while they continue to practice social distancing.

Moreover, several of the virtual volunteering projects in Goodera’s portfolio require collaboration among team members, which is sure to drive employee engagement, especially in these times when engagement across industries is at an all-time low. Teammates can collaborate with each other on projects outside of work, leading to team members continuing to keep their bonds alive despite not being in constant contact with each other.

Another way to drive engagement is by providing employees with a company-branded platform where they can explore various social opportunities to support financially. To this end, Goodera is giving its donations platform, along with vetted and verified donation opportunities, for free to companies that want to join the efforts to eradicate the Coronavirus disease.

Our donation opportunities include non-profits working for relief and rehabilitation on the frontlines, social organizations working to provide financial support to those whose jobs have been impacted by the pandemic and the PM Cares fund. If you’d like to get your donation platform up and running in just a couple of hours, click here.

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