Time for Nature in the Middle of a Pandemic: Best Ways to Engage Employees in Remote Setups, this Environment Day

Environment Day

Nature is intrinsic to all things associated with life: from the food we eat, the air we breathe the water we drink, and the climate that makes our life habitable, are all gifts of nature. As the world battles a pandemic and nature is on a kind of a reboot, this Environment Day, it’s important to pause and reflect on the wonders of nature and how best we can preserve and nurture it for a sustainable tomorrow. With the COVID-19 outbreak, usual outdoor volunteering activities to contribute towards the environment’s preservation, becomes difficult this year. Thus, arises the need for innovating on Environment Day specific volunteering activities that engages employees to commemorate the week, while staying safe at homes.

Focus on Advocacy and Awareness Building Activities

The first step towards inspiring individuals to be custodians of nature, is to instill awareness and sensitization on the need and opportunities of contributing in favor of the environment. Online environment theme quizzes, e-pledges on environment friendly lifestyle, hosting webinars with subject matter experts, could all be substantial ways of engaging employees in remote setups on environmental matters.

DIY Activities with an Environmental Outcome

While it is true that the COVID-19 pandemic has restricted movement, our ways of contributing to the environment, starts from our everyday practices and at home itself. Organizing activities that encourages volunteers to start with some lifestyle changes, such as replacing single use plastic with DIY newspaper bags, or working with their kids to upcycle a plastic bottle for a bird feeder for their home nursery, or even segregating kitchen waste at home, are easy yet important activities to raise awareness and engagement on matters of the environment.

Engaging through Fun Workshops

Non- profits working on environment conservation are hosting many varieties of online workshops to raise awareness on conservation of Nature, and teaching easy, doable activities to show one’s commitment towards it. These workshops offer great learning avenues for matters related to the environment while letting employees inculcate new skills such as natural soap making, painting with natural colors, kitchen gardening and such new hobbies!

Time for Nature along with Family Time

Encourage your employees to spend quality time with family while doing something together for Environment. DIY activities, poster making, bottle painting could be some great ways of a good family time arising while volunteering for Nature conservation.

This year on the month of Environment, Goodera is working with its 40+ clients to create a massive awareness and advocacy drive on the wonders of Nature, and building a collective determination to protect it.

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