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Let’s honor the 9/11 anniversary through corporate volunteering

Let’s honor the 9/11 anniversary through corporate volunteering

The tragedy of 9/11 left an everlasting mark on billions of people around the world, shaking mankind to its core and compelling everyone to reflect on their own lives and the world around them. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center (WTO) that took place on September 11, 2001. The entire episode resulted in 2977 deaths, as humanity witnessed atrocity at its most extreme.

Thanks to organizations like MyGoodDeed, the Corporation for National and Community Service, and Action America, this day is no longer known solely for its sorrow, but for selfless acts of volunteerism and powerful philanthropy. Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act, signed by President Barack Obama on April 21, 2009, renamed 9/11 as the National Day of Service and Remembrance.

“We wanted to make sure the terrorists didn’t have the last word in forever defining for generations to how America would remember and observe 9/11. We wanted instead to honor the victims and those who rose in service by keeping alive the spirit of unity and service that arose in the immediate aftermath of the September 11 attacks.” – 9/11 Day and MyGoodDeed co-founder David Paine.

The National Day of Service and Remembrance marks the tribute given to the victims of 9/11 as people of America undertake volunteering initiatives, demonstrating their strength and love through devoted acts of sharing and healing. Surveys conducted by MyGoodDeed claim that approximately 35 million Americans observe 9/11 Day by participating in some form of charitable act, making it the largest annual day of generous service in the United States.

The goal is not to promote any particular cause but to allow volunteers to engage in any service they would like to perform.

An occasion for businesses to rise in community upliftment

While individual acts of volunteerism are certainly encouraged and contribute to a major part of community impact and development, this National Day of Service and Remembrance is also significant for businesses to showcase their zeal for volunteerism and philanthropy.

It’s an opportunity for companies to enable their employees to work for a good cause without any employee incentive programs. After all, every employee wants to pay their tribute to the lives of both victims and first responders of the tragic day.

Volunteering shows that it’s not just another typical day where every individual is present to fulfill their obligation as a professional nor a day where everyone is just saddled with loss and grief but a day where everyone is willing to contribute to the betterment of society.

64% of US adults say a company’s “primary purpose” should be “making the world a better place.” is their disposal to promote a global cause.

Employee involvement is paramount for any workplace to thrive on the CSR front. Employee volunteering initiatives that truly engage employees can definitely ramp up the giving cycle and promote a sense of optimism and fulfillment as part of the work culture.

Continuing with this thought, we have collated a list of corporate virtual volunteering opportunities that we provide at Goodera for employees to help them honor the victims of 9/11 – not just on 9/11, but all year round.

Power corporate giving this National Day of Service through virtual volunteering

Virtual volunteering enables employees to contribute to impactful causes from the comfort of their homes. Given below is a subset of all the virtual volunteering opportunities we are executing for companies as part of 9/11 remembrance.

  1. Light candles and create a remembrance wall for the 9/11 victims
    Volunteers will light candles from their homes as a condolence gesture for the 9/11 victims in a tribute ceremony. They will also collectively write messages for the 2977 people who lost their lives on a virtual remembrance wall, expressing their sympathy and regret while preserving their memories.
  2. Express your gratitude to the first-responders for their heroism
    Volunteers will write heartwarming messages to first-responders that put others’ lives before theirs every day, be it in a simple house fire or a terrorist attack. These messages of appreciation will reach firefighters, police officers, cleanup workers, and all the others who work selflessly as a token of love and gratitude for their lion-hearted bravery.
  3. Packing with a purpose
    Volunteers, along with their kids, will assemble Hope Buddy Bags, containing fun activities and comforting items provided by the organization. Volunteers will also add personalized notes and posters to the kits that will be sent to hospitalized children.
  4. Donate supplies and care packages to help veterans towards a comfortable life
    Volunteers will organize a donation drive for supplies and care packages to help veterans recuperate from their situation. The nonprofit will distribute these care packages to the veterans to help them restructure their lives for the better.
  5. Audio-record storybooks for children in shelter homes
    Volunteers will record storybooks for children in shelter homes to facilitate reading and help build their vocabulary. These audiobooks will be used by children in their after-school recreational programs.

If this list inspires you to participate, please talk to us.

Engage your employees through volunteering experiences they will love

The best part of National Day of Service and Remembrance is the inspiration and strength it gives individuals all across the world to commit an ongoing act of kindness and the determination to keep doing so throughout the year.

As more businesses recognize the value of virtual volunteering in fostering social goodwill, they’re coming to terms with the fact that corporate volunteerism is the first step toward genuine employee engagement. 9/11 serves as a catalyst and a reminder for all businesses to engage their personnel in social projects.

Goodera offers a diverse catalog of global virtual volunteering experiences for companies, also helping them measure and communicate the impact and ROI of these initiatives.

Let the 20th anniversary of 9/11 be your stepping stone to a future of corporate philanthropy and community impact. Start your virtual volunteering journey today.

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