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How your company can be a flag bearer for racial equality through virtual volunteering on MLK Day


In a world that’s fighting racial oppression and equality, fighting for equality is a cause that’s bigger than ever. Let’s explore how your company can tap into virtual volunteering opportunities to commemorate MLK Day and contribute.

The time is always right to do what is right.

Martin Luther King, Jr

Racial equality has always been a pertinent issue plaguing America and the world at large, and this was highlighted further after the onset of the Black Lives Matter movement in the second half of 2020. It brought to light the systemic racial oppression and divide that was still prevalent today, and again brought to the forefront the amount of work that still had to be done.

One man whose legacy was referenced time and again was Martin Luther King, Jr. On the advent of MLK Day, organizations need to recognize that it is a good time to look back to the great man’s teachings and philosophies, and repurpose it for today’s America.

Why MLK’s tenets are relevant even today:

A gifted orator and thinker, Martin Luther King Jr., spent the majority of his life fighting for justice and civil rights in the United States. His most famous speech, “I have a dream” spoke of his life’s purpose to witness a country devoid of racial segregation. Despite widespread changes brought to the country’s judicial, administrative, and other executive systems, recent events suggest that while the gap is closing, there’s still a lot of work to be done.

It is to spark this thought, and revitalize feelings of mutual respect whether at the workplace or otherwise that MLK Day is celebrated. Organizations around the country come together to preach the values of MLK and carry on his legacy in the form of practices within their ranks.

Volunteering from home – how your organization can contribute on MLK Day:

At Goodera, we’re organizing a special webinar highlighting prominent leaders of color, and the changes they’ve spearheaded within their companies. It’ll help your organization take cues from their words and actions, and also help in creating a more inclusive and welcoming culture for potential employees. You can also begin the year on a good note, championing for racial equality within your organization by encouraging participation in the events. You can catch it live, or view the recording by clicking this link.

In order to push this overarching thought, companies typically organize activities and events related to MLK, and you too can be in on it. Volunteering events based around his teachings are a great way to begin, and at Goodera, we’re providing a bunch of virtual volunteering events that your organization can participate in, right from home.

What are the virtual events your organization can participate in?

Recording audiobooks

Audio recordings of tales, short poems, or fables featuring black protagonists and/or authored by black writers can be made by volunteers and their teams in conjunction with the project. These individuals will act as good role models, as well as a motivator and inspiration for the kids in their communities.

Through your voluntary participation in the recording of audiobooks featuring black characters, you will help introduce youngsters to the community while encouraging diversity and inclusion. They will contain images of people of color and notable leaders from many professions who have battled for equality and racial justice across history.

Creating informative flashcards

Volunteers will work together to make educational flashcards on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and times that will be distributed to the public. In order to assist homeschooled students in learning about the American civil rights struggle, the non-profit organization involved will use the storyboards.

This project will produce flashcards that will assist youngsters in becoming more knowledgeable and conscious about the background of the American Civil Rights Movement and the accomplishments of Martin Luther King Jr. Children will have a deeper understanding and insight into the occurrences of Martin Luther King Jr.’s life as a result of these flashcards, and they will be more likely to incorporate the lessons and ideals into their own lives, thus boosting cultural development.

Design trivia cards

To educate youngsters about Black history, as well as the life and teachings of Martin Luther King Jr., volunteers will make quiz cards that will be sent to schools. These historical information cards will make history more accessible and enjoyable for youngsters, allowing them to grow up to be inclusive and knowledgeable future leaders.

In addition to highlighting the virtues of Martin Luther King, Jr., the quiz cards you produce will assist students in learning about his life and works. These cards will also assist in educating youngsters about black history, sensitizing them to it, and encouraging them to live in a more accepting atmosphere.

We’re looking forward to your participation in our MLK Day webinar on December 14th, at 9 AM PT. Click on this link to join.

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