How Have Trends Changed Over Time in the World of Virtual Volunteering?

How Have Trends Changed Over Time in the World of Virtual Volunteering?

Virtual Volunteering is the act of volunteering online and contributing to a global cause. A virtual volunteer is assigned tasks based on a schedule to work remotely. As long as an individual has the basic knowledge, experience, and an internet connection, he/she can work as a virtual volunteer from their home.

Virtual volunteering offers numerous opportunities for those who want to find or pursue different passions. A few examples of these opportunities are:

  • Virtual volunteers for image editing.
  • Online volunteers for video editing.
  • Research volunteers for crafting brand strategy and growth hacking.
  • Volunteers for web designing, marketing, and launching social media campaigns.
  • Volunteers to translate and transcript documents and manuscripts into different languages.
  • Making open-source voice data projects.
  • Creating high-quality graphics and illustrations.
  • Reviewing code and building software and apps for businesses.

In the 1990s, the first Virtual Volunteering Project at the University of Austin in Texas brought many insights into the best volunteering practices. Online volunteers back then couldn’t be judged because they wouldn’t post pictures and details of what they looked like. But they turned in the work on time and it was their work that did the talking.

The online world has evolved a lot since then and new trends in volunteering emerged, thanks to the advent of social media. Learning more about volunteers has become easier than ever. A few clicks are enough to redirect you to a LinkedIn profile and view a list of the volunteer’s key portfolio projects.

Virtual volunteering trends in the past would involve communicating over email and waiting to hear back from managers. These days, social media networks have drastically changed the way of volunteering online.

Virtual volunteering trends in 2020 let organizations create private groups on Facebook and social media group chats to interact and engage with followers. Information and updates about upcoming events can be shared via blogs and readers can leave comments on posts about whether they are planning to RSVP or not.

Another huge shift in virtual volunteering is how remote it has become. In the past, the majority of the work was done offline with communications being online for convenience. Now, most companies and brands prefer going digital and virtual volunteering caters to their requirements.. And the work that’s done? It’s absolutely engaging. With the revolution in technology, volunteers feel more engaged and connected. There’s no disconnect since the work that’s done has been streamed via video calls and updates can be shared in real-time. Online groups and forums make working with volunteers easier since changes and revisions to projects can be made instantly along with feedback.

Last but not least, the biggest change in trend is the impact online volunteering has made in recent times over the past. Seeing how one’s contributions online has made a big difference in lives is encouraging for those who are thinking of trying it out. Goodera is a platform that excels in connecting volunteers to non-profits and people who need help. If you want to sign up for virtual volunteering opportunities and be part of this growing movement, there’s never a better time than right now! Also companies can make use of Goodera platform to provide opportunities for their employees to support the social causes virtually.

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