Celebrating World Skills Day with Global Changemakers- A Nonprofit supporting Youth & Creating Positive Impacts

Upskilling programs might result in the creation of 5.3 million additional jobs worldwide by 2030, according to research. To raise awareness about the same, United Nations has designated July 15th as World Youth Skills Day. The day is celebrated across the globe with events focusing on the strategic importance of equipping the youth with relevant skills. It also allows for open dialogue between the youth and the employers of different sectors.

We had a conversation with Yasmin Morais, Program Manager of Global Changemakers. The nonprofit is promoting youth-led sustainable development. It is an international youth organization. They have trained thousands of young people in more than 180 nations through online and in-person training. Additionally, they have funded over 450 youth-led projects with an overall reach of over 15 million people.

Why do you feel there is a need to celebrate skills enhancement?

Yasmin Morais: It makes sense for education and skill development to coexist. And if that isn’t occurring, that is where the issue lies and where we are losing the potential of today’s young generation. Rethinking our educational system is a necessary step. It will ensure better reflection on the skills that young people require today to contribute to the solutions to global and national concerns.

People are prepared to outline the future development of our nations, communities, and the entire world. And I believe we are in a very strategic situation again. We can reflect on the past and be critical of it while still having the time and resources to choose the development route we want for the future. The importance of this occasion is to truly celebrate the idea that we are capable of designing the future that we want to see together. We require the abilities that will allow us to put our creativity and mobilizing power to use.

What role does the public sector play in the enhancement of skills?

Yasmin Morais: The public sector is crucial in enabling that potential and the necessary reforms. Education is a big part of that. Rethinking is needed for our educational system. It is an essential step in ensuring that it better reflects the skills that young people require today. It makes sense for education and skill development to coexist. And if that isn’t occurring, that is where the issue lies and where we are losing the potential of today’s youth.

How is your organization assisting the youth?

Yasmin Morais: Since we’ve been doing this work for 14 years, we’ve witnessed extraordinary achievements regarding what young people can construct, implement, mobilize, and produce. Our mentoring program helps young people, ages 15 to 22, understand their own stories and contexts, how problems influence their communities, and how they may affect change in their communities. It contains five distinct chapters and takes 12 weeks. The five chapters that make up the curriculum are self-knowledge, empathize, create, manage resources, and persist.

After the mentoring program, they will undoubtedly become a part of our alumni group, where they may stay in touch and get assistance from our network. In addition, we run an online school. We provide a project management course that will walk you through every step of project management. From developing the initial concept to carrying it out, assessing its success, and long-term impact maintenance, it includes all. A brand-new ecological course will start soon as well. The virtue summits are here.

Additionally, anyone is welcome to attend our occasional seminars and workshops. In the past, we’ve conducted these in many different languages. Moreover, we have a podcast called Young Change Maker.

How has the pandemic affected the education and skill enhancement procedure?

Yasmin Morais: We became more aware of the gap between what we learned in school and our official education institutions during the pandemic. Only a select handful of us was able to devote more of our time and chances to improve our talents. The majority of individuals, however, have direct accounts of disparities in access to the skill-enhancing opportunities that we require at this time.

We observed the disparity in access to fundamental necessities like food, basic sanitation, and home technology, which are necessities before we can even consider honing our abilities at this time. Many students are on very tight budgets, so they have to work around them to keep improving their talents and growing as people. This has a knock-on impact of reduced access to education, particularly for disadvantaged communities that have historically lagged. It will be challenging to catch up as they only have half the abilities to get through this period, develop stronger, and so on.

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