Celebrating Mandela Day with the Infinite Family – An Organization Providing Video Mentoring to Africa’s Youth

Infinite Family is helping Africa’s youth progress through video mentoring

United Nations in 2009 declared 18th July, Mandela’s birthday, as Nelson Mandela International Day. The day was created as a way to pay tribute to a man that dedicated his life to helping others. Throughout his life, he served in so many ways, including as a civil rights advocate and as an anti-apartheid activist. As a way to celebrate this day, Mandela urged the world to help their communities.

We talked with Amy Stokes, CEO, and Johannes SelepMentoring Support Assistant from Infinite Family. The organization inspires Black South African teenagers to overcome obstacles from the apartheid era and transform their lives by creating opportunities for personal growth through decisions, deeds, and diligence while in high school.

What is the significance of celebrating Nelson Mandela Day?

Johannes Selep: In my opinion, Nelson Mandela Day is all about assisting others and giving back to the community. We should share our wisdom to help people in any way we can, just like Nelson Mandela did during the apartheid era, and spread equality and freedom.

Amy Stokes: Nelson Mandela was an incredible role model for the entire world. And at Infinite Family, we believe that to break free from the shackles of the apartheid era, South Africa’s youth needs role models like him to look up to.

If you could list a few things that can help youth succeed, what would they be?

Amy Stokes: We want everyone to understand the value of higher education. A person’s income capacity increases significantly after they complete high school. Pursuing any further education, be it a three-year degree or a six-year degree, their income capacity can increase up to ten or even twelve times. This helps change not only their lives but also their community as a whole. They can also further influence the next generation around them to pursue higher education, thus helping the community as a whole.

The other thing we learned is that connecting young people with mentors might be a great solution. Young people spend a lot of time doubting themselves. They’re faced with all sorts of new things. Their lives are at a crossroads because they need to make decisions that will impact them for the rest of their lives, but they don’t have the life experience to know how things will turn out. Having the opportunity to speak with a mentor and receive feedback on some of those decisions helps them stay on course. It inspires them to work harder and do better when they receive guidance from an experienced individual.

What are the ways in which Infinite Family supports youth?

Amy Stokes: We are trying to take technology to communities that do not have access to it. We set up launchpads where students can come and access the internet to get a glimpse of the 21st-century work world. The launchpads prepare them for the world that awaits them. They can also connect to mentors to get answers that will help them move forward in life.

What are the few qualities of Nelson Mandela that you think everyone should adopt?

Amy Stokes: Nelson Mandela had so many incredible qualities.  His resilience, resourcefulness, and responsibility to his fellow South Africans inspire me daily. Also, his constant commitment to humanity is something I should everyone should try to adopt.

Johannes Selep: He was a courageous man. A person who was not afraid to take risks. He taught us to take risks that will add value to our life. And that will prepare you to move forward in life and assist you to be successful.

We encourage you to commemorate Nelson Mandela International Day by improving your communities. To improve the world, everyone has the power and duty to do so. On Mandela Day, everyone should take the initiative and spur change. Gain access to the world of corporate volunteers.

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