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2021 – A year in review for volunteering worldwide

A recap of volunteering in 2021

If there’s one thing that defined volunteering in 2021, it’s the fact that companies (and volunteers) embraced the shift to digital. While work from home setups and distributed teams had already found their way into common practice since the pandemic, volunteering also found ways to adapt in the virtual and hybrid spaces.

It has helped companies understand that physical presence is not a defining factor in making a difference and that virtual volunteering is here to stay.

Goodera ran a survey last year on virtual volunteering to understand its real impact. This survey found several interesting statistics that showcased the benefits virtual volunteering brought to companies worldwide. Moreover, it allowed us to double down on our efforts to create a more sustainable model for companies to integrate into the virtual volunteering ecosystem.

What this report taught us:

Goodera’s detailed study titled “The State of Corporate Volunteering” sheds light on some of the biggest emerging trends in the volunteering space. The surveys we took put into perspective the changing mindsets among the Gen-Z and Millennial generation, especially post the pandemic. They are more socially aware, mindful of the brands they buy from and the companies they work for.

Our Karma Survey featured on the report says that up to 44% of millennials and 49% of GenZs would choose the type of work they’re willing to do and the organizations they’re willing to work for based on their values.

It showed us that the future generations cared more about social causes and were willing to place those values above monetary benefits. Our study also showed that companies that integrated a volunteering ecosystem could motivate employees up to 3x. 97% of Goodera volunteers reported feeling a better sense of belonging toward their employer. For those companies looking to begin their volunteering practices, finding the right causes can set the wheels in motion.

Cause areas for companies to begin:

The biggest social justice issues in 2020-21 revolved around:

  1. Climate change
  2. Racial justice
  3. Education

Companies looking to set up their volunteering ecosystems can target nonprofits or causes revolving around these issues to stir employees into action. The other secondary cause areas include healthcare, LGBTQ+ rights, disability inclusion, and refugee crises.

At Goodera, we have set up virtual volunteering events that allow your company to tackle these issues by contributing in many different ways. These events are directly linked to the beneficiaries and will allow you to measure impact based on participation. It also promises to be cost-effective and equally rewarding.

Companies that have transitioned to virtual volunteering are already thriving. The increased adoption of virtual volunteering is driven by

  1. Logistical ease of scheduling events – virtual volunteering events need just 48 hrs of lead time to schedule!
  2. The ability to connect teams across different geographies – volunteering is no longer restricted by pin-codes.
  3. Scalability – virtual volunteering can engage larger teams at fraction of the cost. Goodera’s online largest volunteering event included 1,000+ employees!

The past 12 months of running scaled volunteering programs also taught us some valuable tips on corporate employees preference around volunteering formats:

  1. Make volunteering easy and fun: Most employees preferred team-based activities which were fun to perform alongside their teammates. Volunteering proved to be a great alternative to online games as a way to bond with colleagues.
  2. Shorter formats: Many employees don’t necessarily have the bandwidth to complete long-term and complex projects in a virtual setting. More than 90% of Goodera’s virtual volunteers opted for 30-minute and 60-minute sessions over long-term projects.

Virtual volunteering also allowed employees to contribute to any nonprofit organization worldwide, going to show that if they truly want to make a difference, they can now do it with ease.

What to expect in 2022?

According to us, the full potential of virtual volunteering and employee giving is yet to be realized. 2022 will set a precedent for the space, with positive change just a click away. Nonprofit organizations can now depend on corporations and SMBs to always provide a helping hand whenever possible, with virtual volunteering connecting the two.

Also, more employees will feel the need to be vocal about issues they care about and companies have to incentivize their efforts. It will create a nurturing environment and work in favor of all parties involved. We predict that 2022 will see a rise in virtual/hybrid volunteering efforts, and strongly bat for companies to get initiated today!

As a part of our effort to improve workplace social impact – we partnered with Deed, a fast-growing giving and volunteering platform. Together, we hope to make employee volunteering initiatives easy and fun, and provide a one-stop solution for workplace social impact. Our founders – Deevee and Abhishek are getting together to discuss the future of volunteering in the workplace.

Click here for more information on the webinar and register now.

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