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15 virtual volunteering opportunities to celebrate International Women’s Day

15 virtual volunteering opportunities to celebrate International Women’s Day

Gender parity will not be achieved for another 99.5 years.

Shocking, isn’t it? This is from a study that was conducted by the World Economic Forum in 2020. For many who have brushed the issue of gender disparity under the rug, this is a rude wake-up call. The issue of the gender divide is more relevant than ever, and there is so much we need to do to accelerate progress.

March is celebrated as Women’s History Month across many countries – with March 8 being observed as Women’s Day internationally. Over the years, corporates have celebrated Women’s Day by playing a big role in running women-centric programs, raising awareness on gender equity, and celebrating women.

As a corporate, your potential to accelerate positive change is enormous. But this year, being remote, how can you celebrate women’s day with better zeal than before? Well, virtual volunteering is the best way to do it.

This Women’s History Month, Goodera brings you a curated set of virtual volunteering opportunities that you and your teams can pick up and participate in from the comfort of your homes. In collaboration with a strong network of nonprofits, we have carefully handpicked volunteering opportunities that enable corporates to contribute towards gender equity.

Want to engage your employees this Women’s Day? Look no further than the 14 opportunities listed below:

Team-based participation

  • Break the taboo: The start of menstruation is a major life-changer for girls and can result in numerous physical and emotional symptoms that can be too hard to take in all at once. Unfortunately, even today, many girls feel scared and bewildered because of the lack of awareness and education around menstruation.
  • How can you help? Volunteer with your team to create learning aids aimed at educating young girls about menstruation. Your aids have the potential to remove the sense of shame and guilt that many young girls feel due to the taboo around menstruation.
  • Create flashcards on women’s history: How aware is the younger generation of the role powerful women played in shaping history? This education could be the first stepping stone to them envisioning an equal world.
  • How can you help? Volunteer with your team to create flashcards that give an insight into women’s struggle for equal rights. These cards will then be used by the nonprofit to educate and inspire children.
  • Record inspiring stories with women protagonists: Many young girls who do not get to see a lot of leading female figures in their lives might end up believing that they cannot aspire to lead. Hence they limit themselves and fail to see the true potential they possess.
  • How can you help? Volunteer with your team to inspire young girls and help them stay motivated. Choose and record a story of your choice that features powerful female protagonists. The nonprofit will share these stories with young girls.
  • Promote the value of gender equality among children: Social conditioning comes in the way for many young bright children, forcing them to step back and compromise unfairly. Most times, a lack of awareness is what keeps the reality this way.
  • How can you help? Volunteer with your team to create comic strips that promote the ideals of gender equality. Comics are very powerful in conveying ideas that stick and will resonate well with young children.
  • Create a zine celebrating women’s history: Lack of access to educational resources is often a barrier to underprivileged youth learning more about the world around them. However, this is a problem that the workforce can solve.
  • How can you help? Volunteers can create a zine (a short magazine) on inspiring women leaders of the past and the present, and share their life experiences. The work will be donated to the nonprofit’s zine Library for teens, youth, and others.
  • Help women fight breast cancer: This might come as a shock, but most women do not know the early warning signs of breast cancer. According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc, on average, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every 2 minutes in the United States.
  • How can you help? Volunteer with your team to create a 30-second animated video about the 12 symptoms of breast cancer, which will be shared with beneficiaries and will help raise awareness about the topic.
  • Honor success stories of immigrant women of color: Among women who face the brunt of the gender inequality problem, immigrant women of color are the worst affected. In most cases, they face powerful barriers to decent education and employment.
  • How can you help? Volunteer with your team to create various forms of content that highlight the success stories of immigrant women of color. These stories will help nonprofits to inspire and empower women of color.
  • Support a nonprofit that empowers women: Just like any other nonprofits, nonprofits that work towards uplifting women require tremendous support from volunteers. This could be in the form of organizational support, monetary donations, etc.
  • How can you help? Volunteers can get together to create impactful content for the nonprofit’s social media platform to spread awareness about their programs on uplifting disadvantaged women and children.
  • Bling a bra: Surviving breast cancer takes a lot of courage and strength. The experience can be exhausting for many women who lose their sense of confidence after their battle with the disease.
  • How can you help? Volunteers can decorate a bra and create awareness about the nonprofit and its mission to help restore self-esteem, dignity, and confidence to breast cancer survivors.
  • Support women with the healing power of yoga: The practice of yoga plays a huge role in empowering employability among women. By practicing yoga, empowered women can go on to teach yoga or become more self-aware in their journey to greatness.
  • How can you help? Yoga teaches us that when we find contentment within ourselves there is an abundance to be shared. Share this abundance with those less fortunate by practicing yoga for supporting women.
  • Teach STEM to young girls through webinars: Due to stereotypes and cultural norms, most girls are not able to advance their interest in STEM. The misconception of only a selected gender being good at a particular job still pervades, and puts a damper on the incredible potential of young girls.
  • How can you help? Volunteers can play a huge role in catalyzing change. As a part of this initiative, volunteers can record webinars on STEM disciplines for middle school girls and parents, so they broaden their horizons.
  • Teach financial literacy to young girls: A study by UBS Global Wealth Management shows that 58 percent of women leave financial management to their spouse. This is especially a problem for underprivileged women, who struggle to maintain control over the money they make.
  • How can you help? Teach underprivileged girls the techniques they need to budget and make financial plans. Guide them on topics such as savings, expenses, and how to plan for future emergency needs.

Individual participation

  • Be a guest speaker: We are often spurred on to achieve greater heights when we see others like us who’ve lived similar lives, achieve something significant in their lives. Many times, this inspiration is just what women need to dream bigger.
  • How can you help? Volunteer as a speaker at one of the Professional Women’s Group gatherings organized by our nonprofit partner. You can use 15-20 mins to give an inspiring presentation on a personal or professional development topic.
  • Conduct cooking and nutritional class: Women often take the lead in feeding the family, but end up hardly finding the time to nourish themselves. This is especially true for working mothers who juggle home and work.
  • How can you help? Volunteer to teach single mothers and children the importance of healthy eating, nutrition, easy meals, budgeting, and cleanliness. Through this, you can empower them to live healthier lives.
  • Be a part of our #PassItOn campaign: Women’s History Month and especially Women’s day reminds us of the role of women in the world economy. When you empower women, you change the world for a more equal future.
  • How can you help? Follow the steps below to contribute to an equal future and inspire your employees, colleagues, family, and friends.
  • Create a 1 minute-long video, audio, or post on actionable tips based on your skills/expertise (e.g.: if you are a communication specialist, you can talk about basic grammar, presentation skills, etc.)
  • Share the video on social media. As you do this, please tag us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook @wearegoodera. Also, nominate your peers who would like to be a part of the #PassItOn
  • You can also send your entry directly to us at entries will be shared among non-profit partners and their beneficiaries

We can’t wait to see what you share!

Feeling inspired? We are!

This Women’s History Month, let nothing hold you back as you set off on a journey to empower women who need your support. If you are interested in any of these opportunities and would love to have your teams volunteer, please talk to us.

Wondering if virtual volunteering would be a good fit for your organization? Be a part of our open events to experience a session for free. We’re sure you’ll love it.

The collective potential held by corporates across the globe holds the promise of a gender-equal world. Power your journey to gender equity through Goodera today!

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