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Goodera’s Webinar on Implementations and Preparedness to support COVID-19

Goodera’s Webinar on Implementations and Preparedness to support COVID-19

Owing to a very positive response to the first webinar on fighting COVID-19 with CSR, Goodera organized another webinar to discuss Implementations and Preparedness to support COVID-19.


Sharp at 11 AM on 3rd April, the webinar kicked off with a quick recap of the points covered in the previous webinar. The host, Abhishek Humbad, Founder and CEO of Goodera, walked the audience through the areas of intervention in this dire time.

The areas of intervention include avenues like Medical institutions, Health Workers and Vulnerable Sections. Interestingly, 90% of our CSR efforts are going to these areas directly. A mere 10% is going toward other avenues like Awareness and Research Organizations.

Abhishek walked us through the various CSR projects that are being undertaken across India to address these different avenues one by one. There are already a wide range of projects designed to combat COVID-19 and more initiatives are being added every day.

For the companies that choose to join this fight, there are two ways to proceed. The first is to do some research, find a suitable project and deploy CSR funds in order to achieve an impact. The second route available to companies is leveraging the power of employees using both employee volunteering as well as employee donations.

Current Challenges and How Goodera is Solving

There are many challenges faced in implementing relief and rehabilitation for COVID-19 using CSR projects. Here are some of the common ones:

Visibility of demand: Due to social distancing and increased difficulty in communication, identifying needs that can be addressed is becoming more and more difficult.

Multiple stakeholders and approvals: With CSR activities needing direct approval from the Board, there are always multiple stakeholders for any CSR project. This makes finding a project that resonates with all stakeholders and secures all approvals difficult.

Supply side issues: Due to the pandemic and the lockdown that followed, our manufacturing sector and distribution networks are unable to keep up with the demand.

Duplication of efforts: There is no central repository for initiatives being undertaken to fight COVID-19. This has led to various companies working along similar lines and therefore, not achieving the impact they could have.

Lack of innovation and collaboration: There is an urgent need for action, which can overshadow innovation and collaboration. While it is important to take action quickly, we must not be too hasty in our decisions.

Goodera and FICCI are working together to solve these challenges faced by the CSR sector as a whole by tracking and consolidating healthcare requirements from all sources, co-ordinating with third parties to obtain approvals for projects, tapping into a network of healthcare infrastructure vendors to help with last-mile delivery and forging partnerships that can help us eradicate the pandemic.

Goodera is, thus, creating a platform to bring companies and their initiatives together and is helping the limited supply meet demand in an effective as well as efficient way.

Toolkit for COVID-19 relief with CSR Budget

Medical Supplies and Equipment

Goodera has connected with state governments as well as prominent hospitals all over India to understand demand in real-time. Health workers working alone have also been reached out to in order to obtain a more holistic view of the demand.

To match this demand, vendors and supply chains have been identified which will continue to be functional during the lockdown. Moreover, the prices at which the medical equipment can be procured have been made incredibly transparent by sharing rate cards.

Vulnerable Sections of Society

Goodera has reached out to the NGOs that work with the most vulnerable sections of our communities and consolidated the needs of the masses, with basic needs like grains, pulses, sugar, oil, soaps and masks.

ActionAid India, one of the NGOs that Goodera has partnered with, has already been able to supply food kits to over 70,000 families. The project is still running, with more families being identified and helped out.


Goodera has partnered with FICCI to ensure reliability of implementation partners, activate instant donations for multiple projects as well as meet the compliance requirements of projects.

In order to fast track approvals and permissions for logistics, Goodera has partnered with NITI Aayog and Rotary International. This also ensures a centralized demand collection in partnership with the government.

Goodera has also partnered with state governments to aggregate demand at the state level. Real-time updates on government requirements are also shared with Goodera due to this partnership. Moreover, this partnership enables smooth last mile deployment as well.

IIFL Case Study

Sourav Mishra, from IIFL, joined the webinar to showcase how Goodera could help them identify hospitals requiring N95 masks and PPE kits in Mumbai in just one hour. Sourav also pointed out how Goodera collaborated with government bodies as well as NGOs to identify the needs and tackle them quickly. Goodera and FICCI also worked together with hospitals to kick off the procurement process and the masks are currently in transit through Goodera’s implementation partners. Moreover, the Employee Virtual Volunteering and Employee Donation Platform has been launched for IIFL, ensuring that IIFL employees can also join the cause.

Toolkit for Virtual Volunteering and Employee Donations

Engaging employees with volunteering for COVID-19 relief is beneficial for the employees themselves, for non-profit organizations as well as the corporates they work for. Volunteering gives employees a sense of purpose and incites them to come together and make a difference. For non-profit organizations, volunteering leads to added manpower that helps them scale relief efforts. For the company, volunteering is beneficial because it acts as an avenue of team building in this era of working remotely.

Goodera has curated a mix of long-term and short-term engagements in order to maximize impact and engagement in these extraordinary times, including opportunities like virtual teaching, volunteering for a mental health helpline and a Combat COVID-19 Ambassador Program.

On the donations front, Goodera is currently working with 30+ carefully vetted NGO partners to reach out to nearly 5 lakh lives pan India. With our donation opportunities, we have raised over 2.2 million so far.

Rapido Case Study

Goodera is helping Rapido run its #PeopleForCaptains fundraiser in order to ensure the financial stability of its drivers, called Captains. Due to the lockdown, these drivers have been forced out of their daily earnings, with no alternative source of income in sight. The #PeopleForCaptains fundraiser is a B2C donation drive and has secured over 12 lakhs in donations. This money will help ensure that Rapido captains can get through the lockdown with dignity.

We discussed the various ways in which Goodera is prepared to unite companies and lead the fight against COVID-19 with both CSR funds as well as workforce mobilization. We also went over a couple of case studies detailing the challenges we’ve overcome in order to do our bit for the community.

If you’d like to start fighting COVID-19 alongside us, book a meeting with a Goodera expert here.

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