Meet the new Goodera Volunteer

In the past few years, user experience has come to the forefront of website and app design. Tech companies pride themselves on giving users a smooth, seamless experience. This not only betters the user’s experience but also increases the retention of users.

At Goodera, we believe in strengthening the spirit of volunteering with our ever-evolving technology platform. It is with unabated excitement that we announce a refreshing and improved look that meets international standards of quality. Here’s what’s new:

Navigation simplified

A navigation bar has been added to the top of the screen to make navigating the platform a breeze. With the new look, you are only one-click away to exploring volunteering and donation opportunities. Now you will never feel lost on your journey to do good.

An umbrella for all seasons

A new umbrella, called ‘Campaigns’, has been created to allow the clubbing of different volunteering activities and donation drives under a common theme. It is now easier to show your support for a cause by simply heading over to the campaign page. Campaigns page allows you to showcase volunteering activities and donation drives to celebrate any cause at any time of the year.

Exploring events made intuitive

We believe that a volunteer’s efforts should be focussed on volunteering to make a difference and not on spending time to find the right volunteering event. This is why the ‘Volunteer’ page has been made more user-centric. You can now filter volunteering opportunities using our powerful search engine and quickly register for events that you care about. The lesser time you spend looking for events, the more time you can spend volunteering and making a difference.

Donating made easier

NGOs cannot work for their causes without funds. This is why almost all NGOs rely on good Samaritans who can financially support their cause. The ‘Donations’ page now accepts payment via multitude of means including online payments and from your payroll.

Knowledge is Power

The event details page has been completely redesigned to prioritise sharing information with volunteers. With information like impact, demography of beneficiaries and the role of the volunteers on the event day, the event details page is your one stop to discover volunteering opportunities.

A Recap of Your Goodness Journey

Your user profile records your entire volunteering history. You can now view all your past volunteering activities, donations and stories at the click of a button.

Change is good, especially when it is carefully planned. The changes to user interface and experience are the result of months of meticulous planning and execution. We hope to welcome volunteers, both old and new, as they join us on our volunteering journey.

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