How to Make your Employee Volunteering Program Work

In the initial stages of any program or business, it’s hard to get traction with your target audience. Volunteering is no exception to this rule. You may have finally kickstarted your Employee Volunteering Program, but there is a long way to go before your employees are motivated enough to be involved on a regular basis.

Here are some pointers you can keep in mind so you can take your Employee Volunteering Program to the stars.

Set targets

You should set realistic targets for your volunteering program. These targets need to be short term in the beginning and can be long term later on once the program is running smoothly. Monthly target setting can help you adapt and grow faster than quarterly or yearly target setting. Each target, met or unmet, will teach you more about what makes a volunteering program tick with your employees.

Keep it diverse

Your employees care for a wide range of causes. Forcing one cause or one activity down everyone’s throat might make things easier for you, but you will lose out on volunteers rapidly. Figure out all the causes your employees care about and try to organize volunteering activities for all those causes. Remember, people will only volunteer for a cause if they care about it.

Convenience is key

Your volunteering program will get no traction at all if people have to invest significant effort into simply showing up for your volunteering activities. You should try to keep your activities at convenient times as well as locations. The harder you make it to volunteer, the fewer volunteers you will get.

Market it

Employees won’t volunteer if they don’t even know they can volunteer. Run regular in-house marketing campaigns to let your volunteers know your program exists. Frequent emails and posters inviting volunteers to participate can go a long way toward the success of your Employee Volunteering Program.

Make it mobile

In a time where everyone is on their phones, you should ensure your volunteering program is as well. Any software you are using for your program should be compatible with handheld devices. Moreover, any communication you send to your volunteers needs to be optimized for phones as well.

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