How to Make your Employee Volunteering Program work: Part 2

How to Make your Employee Volunteering Program work

This is a continuation of How to Make your Employee Volunteering Program Work, a piece we wrote to help new Employee Volunteering Programs find motivated employees. We recommend you check it out before reading further.

Here are a few more tips on making your volunteering program resonate with your employees.

Analyse and monitor

You should start meticulously saving all possible data around your volunteering program right from the first day itself. When you track data, measuring the success of your program becomes quite simple. You can check whether your campaigns are connecting with your employees or find out the kind of events that your employees prefer. Quantitative analysis is definitely the way to go because qualitative analysis of volunteering activities is nigh impossible.

Incentivise and reward

Gamification of your Employee Volunteering Program can drive participation and promote competition among your employees. Maintaining a dynamic leader board and having a reward system are key to getting volunteers to give you their valuable time. The rewards do not have to be expensive; it’s never about the money for volunteers.

Set aside a budget

Make sure you have a separate budget earmarked for your volunteering program. If the funds are coming from an umbrella budget, it is possible that your spending might get restricted in the middle of the financial year, leading to your volunteering program becoming smaller in size. Moreover, with a budget of your own, you can create a long-term plan and stick to it, making the execution of your volunteering program a breeze.

Involve upper management

Employees are more likely to try out a new activity when they see their superiors at work involved in the activity. When starting your Employee Volunteering Program, it is often best to involve upper management and, if possible, the Board itself. Sometimes, the initial momentum that these people bring is often enough to get your program off the ground.

Conduct a mammoth event annually

Though your volunteering program runs through the year, you may want a large event to publicize and build hype around. If you promote a large company-wide volunteering extravaganza, you will be able to reach out to practically every member of your organization and be able to convince those on the fence to come volunteer with you. If you provide options and deliver excellent experiences, your employees will look forward to the next edition of your event and, in the best case, will become regular volunteers with your volunteering program.

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