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Turn one time donor into lifetime donor

As far as donations are concerned, most relationships between a good Samaritan and an NGO can be summed up in a simple flow.

Step 1: Make a donation
Step 2: Receive acknowledgement
Step 3: End of relationship until the next
fundraiser/ No contact/communication till the next fundraiser opportunity

This sort of interaction with donors is the reason most donors try their hand at philanthropy and then move on to other, more engaging things to do. People like these have the will to do good but go untapped by NGOs which possess a laid-back attitude toward donor engagement.

But there are some non-profits who handle this differently. Some non-profits care about their donors even after the donation has been made. This leads to the donor giving to the NGO again and again. Thus, some NGOs successfully turn one time donors into lifetime supporters of their cause. How do NGOs do this? Read on to find out.


Donors expect to know what their donation has accomplished. Keep reports, statistics and interesting figures handy to tell donors what others’ donations have done for the community. Share your success with the world with testimonials, regular emails, updated brochures, your website and your social media. After people make donations, do share with them what their money has gone into.


Your campaign should welcome everyone at all times. There is no rule that says that a New Year Giving campaign needs to be shut down mid-January. Keep it available until your next big campaign rolls around. If a donor logs on to your website and sees no way of giving at that instant, the donor will probably take his good intentions elsewhere. Help new donors feel welcome, and they will reward you with their generosity.


Show your donors that their opinion matters. Take their feedback with post donation surveys and find out what they care about. Implement their feedback in your actions over time and watch their one time donation turn into a lifelong pledge to your cause.

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