Co-creating the new normal of doing good

Co-creating the new normal of doing good

We all know that the world changed in many ways in 2020 due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Millions of people were affected around the world. The pain also got exacerbated by the fact that social distancing and lockdown restrictions changed the traditional methods of disaster management and relief work. However, the corporates and nonprofits rose to the occasion and figured out new processes for doing good, keeping in mind the restrictions necessitated by the pandemic. They realised early on that the impact of COVID could last for a long time and the world could not afford to wait for it to go away to behave normally. This created a paradigm shift in the way CSR functioned.

Every sphere of life was affected by the pandemic. Be it the online classes for children, working from home, sending out food to those rendered jobless and returning back to villages etc. The need of the hour was to quickly bring together people with different skill sets on a virtual platform so that they could engage in some brainstorming. Once the plan was finalised it was rolled out digitally. The contribution of technology to this entire process of doing good was immense. It helped to connect individuals from around the world for a common purpose. The scene was similar in every corporation and nonprofits.

They used technology to stay connected, chalk out plans and implement them.Smartphone Apps were designed for every purpose. Google forms were used to place orders which were then collated and served. The lack of electricity and internet connectivity proved to be a big hindrance. Not everyone possessed a smart phone either.This brought up the need to identify common touch points through which relief could be delivered.The entire process required coordination and collaboration between the government, corporates and nonprofits so that the socially distant world didn’t stop them from their objective of doing good.

We are adapting ourselves to live with the new reality. Work from home, online studies, social distancing , sanitising and face masks are going to be a part of our lives for a long time.The world is in need of more volunteers than ever to help rebuild communities and help them adjust with the new norms. NGOs,Non-profits and Corporates are exploring newer ways to contribute to various causes in order to assist with this transition. Virtual volunteering opens up unlimited avenues to reach and contribute to under-served communities beyond geographical boundaries from the comfort of our homes. Virtual volunteering plays an important role in meaningful employee engagement. Activities can be customised to accommodate individual and team participation based on skill sets. Various options are available for one-time engagement as well as long-term association. Involvement in altruism helps promote mental well-being by adding a dose of positivity  and facilitates learning & development of the employees

There are several challenges involved in Virtual Volunteering : finding right opportunities, partnering with genuine stakeholders, coordinating the training of volunteers, execution of the projects, measuring the impact, reporting & analysing the output and more. There is a growing need for a connecting link to bridge the gap between various stakeholders – Employees, Corporates NGO’s,

Beneficiaries and more. CSR is an indispensable part of every organisation. It exhibits the companies’ commitment and responsibility towards the betterment of society. Organisations not only support these initiatives by making financial contributions but also encourage their employees to participate in these initiatives by allowing them paid time to volunteer for various causes.

The Karma Summit India, 2020 was conducted with the aim of providing a virtual platform for CSR leaders as well as on ground changemakers. They shared their thoughts and insights on the challenges faced during the pandemic, the learnings imbibed and built a roadmap for the achievement of sustainable development goals over the long term. Knowledge sharing is always priceless and we, at Goodera, will use these learnings to innovate and help Corporates, NGOs and NonProfits in the co-creation of a new normal that will let us continue to do good in a socially distant world.

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